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eyes wide open :-(

Hello everyone , thinking of you all on this late /early hour having my horlicks , can't sleep , won't allow myself to relax either , my lil boy is full of cold very unsettled bless him I'm really worrying about him, a bit like I worry about myself really like now if I don't get some sleep I could collaspe il try let my partner take over a bit tomo while I try to relax maybe ? I'm do glad Iv not been called into work either so I can look after him,& myself for that matter why do I worry so much feel Soo anxious I can't take a sleep aid cos I want up be alert for my lil boy so a long night ahead or a few , I'm just prob best having a day in pjs tomo. My fellow member friend mystery reader, I can't like we said seem to go into a deeper sleep its very light almost like my serotonin isn't working properley to help me nod off ?

hope everyone is having a good rekax eve & anxiety free tonight. How do some of you guys relax , il try a lavender bath tomo before bed ?? Or eculyptus good idea if blocked sinus ?. Big huggles to you all. Binkynoo :-) x

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You don't always know what to do for the best when your kids are ill and as a parent we really feel it. But it's important that you get some rest too so that you can be strong when your son needs you. If your partner is able let them do some of the looking after today and do something that helps you to relax and as you say have a bath before you go to bed tonight. Hope you all feel better soon.



Hi mystery reader, Thankyou so much got your reply just relaxing tonight I actually had a small glass of rose which I haven't had in around 8 months was scared of having a drink , having a lot of anxiety issues , especially with health too , but decides Iv got to take things slow , sleep is my only problem now Soo it may take a little time to work on that I'm gonna not try to make it become an issue though & not get anxiety about sleep. Big hugs Binkynoo x


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