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Bad night/morning xx

Hey guys!! So down right now...so me and my partner have come to our families holiday home in Northumberland. I conquered my fear of motorways...first time I've driven on one since I passed my test 6 years ago. I've been out and about...walking...swimming....meals...beach. felt good!! My anxiety has been under control. Last night we went out for a meal I started getting hot flushes...felt abit drunk (no alcohol consumed) clammy hands...so we went back. I've hardly been to sleep had the sensation that the rooms spinning...sick feeling...nervous....head pressure....feeling I'm loosing any control I had over my anxiety. I'm coming home tomorrow I'm not sure if it's the fear of going back home where I have felt so ill. It's so annoying I was doing so well ignored any signs or symptoms for 5 days. :-(:-(:-(:-(

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It hits me like that to. This week I had 3 days where I felt really good even driving wasn't bothering me which is the number 1 thing that sets me off. Then all of a sudden yesterday at work I got sick again with it. So fustrating because for me it hits at weird times not when I'm stressed out like you would think it would but it starts when I'm happy and calm and relaxed. Very fustrating and you never know where you will be when it hits. Try to keep your head up and keep moving forward. You will get thru it.


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