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I've been feeling unwell for the past few days. Feel like my heart is just going to give out on me. I had a 24h ecg almost two weeks ago and dr said all is well, but I still feel like something is wrong. I feel faint, my left side of my neck hurts, feel like I can't take a deep breath, and my left arm goes numb. My bp and heart rate are wishing normal. I really hope it's just anxiety and not something more serious.

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I know exactly how you feel, I hate getting any kind of chest pains arm pains either left or right. Numbness in my arms & shortness of breath. It can be really depressing and all you do is constantly worry! 😔

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It's so debilitating. I don't want to leave the house bc I don't feel like I'm well enough to drive, but I also don't want to be home alone bc I'm afraid I'll pass out and no one will know. Ugh, I really really hate anxiety 😭


If I anxiety is really high, I also don't like being home alone either. I try to keep my self busy to try & ignore the physical symptoms. They can be terrifying and nobody deserves to live like this.


Both my arms always hurt and sometimes my chest..I've had anxiety and panic attacks for years and this always freaks me out!!


Maebell1978, having anxiety and panic attacks for years can't help but put undo stress on your muscles causing tightness in your arms and chest wall muscles. You may not realize how much clenching of your arms, neck, shoulders you maintain when dealing with daily anxiety. Doing muscle tension relaxation on YouTube might help in reducing some of the pain you are feeling. Drinking plenty of water and deep breathing will also help with the tightened muscles. Trying not to freak out will help reduce your stress level as well.


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