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Feeling horrible

My mom been annoying most of the time but she asks the most stupid questions, today we were driving and she wanted me to take a bus and i said no, she literally stopped at the sidewalk and tried to push me out of the car forcing me to go down but i refused i didnt know any routes. Or anything ,she threw her phone at me and it hurt my shoulder, she made me feel horrible and told me what a horrible kid i was, im 16 and my parents think im. A rebel. But im not. When i get home my dad shows up and we dnt get along well so we talk about whats gping on in my life but tbh i really dnt care of anything right now ONLY TO BE SAID MY GRANDMA MIGHT have cancer and honestly i feel overwhelmed but all of this and idk i been crying for over 5 hrs and my head hurts i dont know what im feeling any more idk if i feel hurt

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Hello Notarebel. It sounds like you have a lot of troubles going on in your life with relationships. These are never easy! And on top of that you've got the info that your

Grandma may have cancer. I know this is really worrying you because you put it in capital letters.

Well, first of all at this time you don't know whether she really does have cancer or not. Is she in the middle of tests? I know you feel upset because of this but this could well be the reason why your parents are behaving impatiently towards you. That's no excuse, but it does happen.

Have you got some friends you could hang around with? It's not their grandma so they will give you a more balanced view and might be easier to talk to.

I'd like to hear from you but I understand if you'd rather keep things to yourself. Take care of yourself. X


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