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Sudden feeling of confusion

Hi everybody,

I have had a couple of hard days in the past 3... Had attacks for most of the weekend and yesterday too... I am concert and metal album reviewer and yesterday i had to go to a concert (metalcore band Norma Jean) but like 45 mins before i had to go i had an attack over the weekend i thought i was having an allergic reactiob to eggs and then later i got one of my kids toy on the head and hitting my is one of my triggers... So overall i cried for 2 days straight plus last night cuz i was having chest pains, that's what triggered my panic attack before leaving for the show... Being a huge metsl fan i suscribed to some extreme singing lessons and the first one was tonight... It helped me a lot release some tension and stress and i felt refreshed and calm after but later i had to go pickup my girlfriend and on our way back i got confused for like 10 seconds... I didnt know on what street we were anymore and it stressed me and now i have a headache and im feeling dizzy and anxious and scared... Any pearls of wisdom? Thanks guys

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Hi wikidom. Sorry you feel rough. I love the idea of extreme singing, never heard of that.

I've not experienced confusion like this around a panic attack but sounds like the kind of unpleasant stunt the brain would pull on a bad day. I can't suggest much but distraction - I write fiction, which seems to engage some different part of my mind and switch off symptoms, and when I'm out and about and it strikes I do the tapping thing, tapping clavicle or parts of hands if discretion is needed.

It sounds like you know your triggers pretty well and could use some new coping strategies for attacks. If you have a therapist or counsellor get them to suggest something new, or your doctor.

And good luck. (Envious of your cool job btw) -worrymagic


Thanks a lot for the support i appreciate it! And extreme singing is actually like death metal singers do you know that very deep gutural vocals... It helps my stress a lot :) and yeah i love my job a lot kf you wanna read some of my stuff here is a link send me some links to yours if you have any...

Thanks again



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