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Feeling better but still having trouble breathing

So I went to a herbalist and he gave me st johns wort mixed with some other things vitamin d a good multi vitamin and pure fish oil it's been 3 weeks and I'm feeling a little better I don't feel the anxiety 24/7 anymore which is good but I'm still so aggravated that I still can't breath I'm hoping it goes away it's not bad when I'm sitting but I get up to do any house work or take a shower it seems I can't get a full breath I know it takes a while for st johns to kick in but I can't quit thinking the worst like the Dr's missed something like copd or something more serious I just want to breathe I guess I just need some reassurance that anxiety can make me feel this way I get kinda scared and feel like I'm suffocating

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Well, based on your description, I have gone through the same thing you have. It seems to come and go. I do seem to struggle more to get that 'full breath' when I'm doing housework or moving around, having a shower, etc. I got all checked out, and the docs can't find anything wrong with me either, other than they say it's anxiety. I had my first attack of this about 10 years ago during a stressful time... it lasted about a month then went away. I have only recently started having it happen again, and yes it is annoying as hell! I have tried all kinds of natural stuff, but it doesn't seem to do much, even antidepressants don't seem to work all that well. Unfortunately the ONLY thing I have found so far that really really helps me is Valium, (or type of Benzo) or alcohol. And that scares me, because I know Valium is addictive, and alcohol has it own share of nasty issues as we all know. So yeah,... I try to use these substances as little as possible. That said, I'm still experimenting with other natural remedies and relaxation and breathing techniques, etc, so maybe someday I'll find something that works as well as Valium, lol! Sorry I couldn't have been more help, but at least you know you are not alone. Best of luck.


U are not alone though i thought i was until i bumped into this forum.i thought i was going to die twenty times a day with all the aches, pains, dizziness, lethargic, my head spinning 100 miles an hour and much more. Yes im still suffering as i have times when im great and other times that lasts for weeks where i could scream. So at the moment i could scream. Hopefully soonnit will pass. Though i must say.... Today i went into the slums of Bangkok. Ive lived in thailand five years and this is the first time i built the courage to go.... With my eldest son. During the whole 5 hours i was there not once did i suffer any symptoms of anxiety. The minute i got home.... It started. So i think one has to be totally occupied 24 hours a day. Find a hobby, go photograph, flowers , trees , unusual front doors. Learn to upholster ( which i did from the internet) ... Something, anything.... It might not rid the problem but at least for a few hours u can breathe. What a bummer this disability is...


Yes I notice when I'm away for a few days or busy at work I don't have trouble I also sleep fine so I'm sure it's anxiety I just get scared when I can't breathe


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