Anxiety Support

Please go away

Hey guys I haven't posted on here on a bit as I was feeling somewhat better and actually went on a family camping trip this past weekend which was a blast and my anxiety really only bothered me at night when I tried to sleep. The one night every time I tried to fall asleep it felt like my heart would stop. I know silly right but it sure scared me. Then the first day back home I had just gotten out of the shower doing my makeup and felt a little dizzy checked my pulse and it felt low so of course then I started to panic so my anxiety was bad off n on all day of feeling weak like passing out dry mouth felt like I couldn't swallow when I tried to eat dinner chest was tight and my face felt warm then didn't sleep well at all that night kept waking up because I felt like I was going to pass out then that morning I still felt dizzy and nauseous but that only lasted the morning and I finally slept good last night then woke up this morning feeling so anxious that lasted for a couple hours and felt weak too and right now I'm a little lightheaded :(

Why is it so hard for me to accept that this is just anxiety. I'm still so terrified every day.


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