Breathing problem!

I'm about 70% better and slowly recovering. Stopped having a few symptoms but i realize something new that i've never got before. I get short of breath,like enough air not reaching my lungs,a smothering sensation. I cant start fearing these all over again so plz someone tell me this is normal? so i can loose fear.

I am not having an anxiety attack or rapid heart beat.


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  • Man trust me this happens to me all the time . When you start getting nervous you start taking in more oxygen into your lung .Try taking long steady deep breaths you will feel better your okay :)

  • So i'm fine?

  • Yeah your fine :) its apart of anxiety.

  • (sigh of relief) thanks much...

  • no problem i know how it feels

  • Breathing is very important especially as the run times increase.  It is also quite tricky to get right.  I think it is important to get oxygen going in the warm up walk,miso I start then breathin in and out slowly and relaxing my chest. Nice I start running, check my pace, is it comfortable because I need to be able to maintain the same steady breathing rate so I can run for longer as the run times increase (speed can come later when my lungs are fitter)!  If I am approaching a hill for example, I breathe in and out more, to boost my oxygen levels and then breathe well up the hill - really helps me.  Let us know how u get on - it does get easier by the way

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