Ok so I thought I'd ask if anyone else gets this but sometimes when I'm trying to sleep not always but it happens from time to time. I'd be really close to falling asleep and suddenly feel as if something knocked the wind out of me. It's kind of like a silent cougg which jerks me awake and nothing else really happens only that so I don't know what it could be.


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  • This happens to me sometimes too. I'll start to fall asleep and then feel like I can't breathe or forget to breathe and it jolts me awake.

  • Glad yo know it's not just me but I wonder what it is exactly

  • Anxiety plays cruel mind tricks on us.

  • Hi iam new on this I've been struggling with anxiety issues it all started 7 years ago when I had a car accident since then I can't travel in my car long distance without someone being with me when i get up in the morning I know what sort of day it's going to be if I feel shaky I know iam not going to be able to go out bedtime I dread get in bed start to get pains all over can't breathe start to sweat just wish life would go back to where it was before my accident I have had blood test ecg I have chest x rays the only thing they found was aniamia they give me iron tablets so why do i still feel like I do and if it all in my head how to get it out

  • I always tell this everyone but try and do everything in order to be distracted!!! A year ago I was in total pain and cried constantly and felt like I was dying 24/7 the longer I went through this the easier it became to accept it's anxiety. I'd say things like "honestly if it was your heart you'd probably be dead long ago or a blood clot" ect whenever I get a really bad attack I'd remind myself of an attack I had once that was even worse than this one and convicnce myself I'm fine this is nothing compared to that one last week. I didn't go out for months but once I got the confidence to do I took it slow. Like with my friend I'd only meet with her for a few hours then next time a bit longer until I finally managed to stay over at her house for the first time but doing it more for me used to it. Whenever I feel bad what I like to do is just go downstairs and talk to my family. Say I feel like I can't breathe I will go down and talk with them and completely forget how I felt and when I remember I don't feel breathless anymore. Or I'll lie down and tell myself my body just needs rest that's why it's feeling this way. At night as I can assume for everyone it's the worst. I used to lay there focus on my breathing or heart and convince myself it's not beating right and that would set me off. So what I do is I put the tv on so If you can do that but don't put anything interesting on coz it'll probably intrigue you and you won't be able to fall asleep which I found out so I usually put teleshopping on and then just focus on the voices but not get intrigued and focusing on the voices helps me forget about everything else my mind is trying to make me focus on. A year later I'm doing really well. Still get my bad days especially if I stress myself out but nothing like compared to a year ago. You have to take baby steps with anxiety. Sometimes doing something that causes your attack is worth it to make sure next time it won't happen. Going on a plane for the first time for me after getting anxiety was the worst experience ever. I was convinced I'd get a heart attack. I almost didn't go but forced myself on that plane. Drove myself into so much anxiety I almost passed out on the plane and cried before take off. As I got used to the plane and that I'm fine I was extremely tired and shaky and felt sick and had the worst headache. Going on a plane on my second time was a lot better. Still had some anxiety but managed to control it because I knew I did it before and I'll be fine this time too. Sorry this is like long OMG but yeah xD

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