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Hi everyone I really wish I am not alone, I am a 23 year old female who has suffered with anxiety for 1yr and half on and off, my main symptom is I don't think I breathe and my chest is super super tight with this weird feeling noooo pain just sensation, I am going mad it leads to me having a panic, I feel as if though my belly doesn't get enough air and then I start to panic and so fourth, anyone else has this. I actually find it difficult to breathe but I don't be shortness of breathe or I don't gasp for air just the feeling, I think I am hyperventilating all the time, I sleep with the tightness and wake with it. Help guys xx


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  • Hi shamila7861, I know exactly what you are feeling. Don't worry, you are still getting enough air in your lungs. You explained it very well in that it is more of a sensation of not getting enough air and then you panic and the circle is complete. Depending how anxious you are, you may very well be hyperventilating. Because the chest muscles are so super tight, you do need to start doing relaxation exercise and deep breathing. First find a quiet space you can call your own, turn off all tv, cell etc. Sometimes dimming the lights helps. Find a chair/couch with a pillow behind your back. Place your hands on your knees, palm side up. Place one hand on your belly and the other on your upper chest. When you take a slow deep breath, only the lower hand should move. Slowly inhale, hold it and then blow out the inhaled air slowly. As you do this, you will feel your shoulders relax and then your chest as well as your diaphragm which allows you to take it those nice deep breathes. After about 10 min. sit there for a few minutes more and just take in the relaxed feeling. I would also recommend go on YouTube and typing in audio relaxation/deep breathing which will help give you so control and direction in relaxing. To relieve some of that tightness in your chest and upper back, I usually place a warm towel out of the dryer across my upper shoulders. The heat will aid in relaxing your tight muscles as well. Good Luck..... x

  • Sorry, since you can't put your hands on your knees as well as on your belly and chest at the same time, pick whatever you feel comfortable with. Whenever I've had a therapist doing the techniques I always have my hands on my knees.

  • Sounds a bit like anxiety, which sometimes loves to sneak in around bedtime. I take 5HTTP from the health food store (2 about a half hour or so before bed) and unless I have a late night, I'm not experiencing anxiety related symptoms much anymore. Breathing exercises may also help but do try the herbal meds quickly as they do seem to help. A good idea to have a check up at the doctors as well to ensure there's no underlying cause. Good luck.

  • Thanks for this honest it's soo hard, I went to my GP he had a listen to lungs are remarkably clear, heart rate was 88 fine, I just don't know how or what to do any more, I have a constant feeling that I am not breathing, I've tried exercises yes they help only for that period of time, I wake up from sleep and have a sensation that my body is still if u know what I mean, wen completely distracted yes I don't feel it as much but it's always there, I give up

    I have go for a chest X-ray x

  • I'm sorry shamila, I wish you well with the chest x-ray. x

  • Lol the dr is not sending me for one as he thinks I don't have any reason to have it done as all the signs he looked do for something serious I didn't have, I only think I'm not breathing that's anxiety and panic.😔😔

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