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Hi everyone im 23 year old (24 on sat) female,I'm 5ft6 I was 20 stone afew weeks ago. I lived a very sad life...I worked part time in a food store id do a few hours work, buy loads of junk food come home then spend the rest of the day either in my recliner or in bed. I'd snack all day..maybe go out with a friend around 5pm have a maccy ds then go home wait for my fiance to finish work around 9.30pm n 9/10 we'd order pizza. I drank my way through upto 3L of diet coke a day. Never took excersise unless I was as work or shopping. I had very little interest in any thing or many friends I guess I had become abit depressed. I pushed them all away when I got really big. I use to be the life and soul of any party the loud buubly one. I always found myself turning to food no matter if I was happy, excited, scared, upset, nervous I just couldn't stop. Anyway six weeks ago I woke up suddenly in the middle of the arm was floppy and dead. This sent me into freak mode I jumped up so fast ran to the bathroom...the room was spinning I was burning up inside but cold on the outside. I ran to the kitchen for water I felt myself going down. My speech was affected I felt drunk. I ended up in A and E after 999 for an ambulance. I stayed over night and was monitored. I was told I had a virus and had a bad anxiety attack. I could not believe this as I genuinely thought I was dying. So it's been almost 6 weeks. In that time I've been to the hospital 4 times to the doctors more times then I care to remember. Had ECG, bloods tests etc. Ive got hight LFT's but have been told not to worry. All the doctors I have seen have all come to the conclusion that I'm suffering from health anxiety. I have been told to loose weight obviously and cut down on caffine from my diet cokes. So I joined slimming world and cut out diet coke/ caffeine cold turkey. I can honestly say these last few weeks have been so hard...getting over a virus which lasted 4 weeks...cutting out junk food...learning how to eat and live healthy...withdrawal from diet coke. I feel battered and bruised. Over the last few years I've had very irregular periods and most months very sludgy brown stuff. I was so upset and deviated and blamed my weight. I just accepted I'll never have kids. I never felt able to go to the Dr's about it one because I was scared and two I was ashamed of my size. Anyway afew days after my first ordeal in hospital almost 6 weeks ago my period started and has only just started stopping. I mentioned this to three male Dr's Ive been seeing about anxiety and not one seemed the slightest bit concerned. Finally I saw a female dr, she sent me for hormone blood test and has diagnosed me with pcos. I'm going for examination on monday I'm terrified. She said it's normal when being dianogned with pcos and she might send me for a scan. This is making my anxiety so much worse. I can't do anything, I'm now on 20mg of citalpram which is making me feel sick. On the upside I've lost 1 1/2 stone in three weeks.(probably more now I can stop being sick). I'm raring to go and kick start my healthy happier lifestyle. Only there's stuff holding me back. My anxiety is making me feel so ill fast heart beat, hot flushes, dread, worry, nausea, headaches, dizzy spells, etc. I'm not looking for sympothy just helpful friendly advice please im so low. Has anyone suffered pcos and aniexty? Given up diet coke? Extreme lifestyle change? Id love to hear your stories. Thanks for reading RiRi xx

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I'm sorry i don't know what pcos is but well done on loosing weight. Do you find the tablets help and have they suggested other options such as talking therapy as a way forward. Sorry if this isn't much help hopefully others will have better advice.




wow that's amazing your weight loss in three weeks.

I don't suffer from pcos but I do have irregular periods doctors don't know why and I have really bad anxiety.

I suspect its just the overweight thing im 2 stone over from my ideal.

and lately im losing it because im becoming more active and pushing my limits. my thoughts that push me are you only live once why hold back??

when I get extreme anxiousness like right nowi come on here and it has been a blessing :)

as for the caffeine intake your body was used to it and it will take some time to get used to your new lifestyle.

stay strong live long!!


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