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I suffer with health anxiety, and at the moment it's always about cancer. It's all I seem to read about recently on the internet or social media. I try and check my breasts for lumps but breasts are made up of lumps and bumps anyway. So scared as I'm not sure if mine are normal are not. Does anyone else have this problem? Will be going to the DR's next week...


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  • Yes, breasts are made of lumps and bumps. The bad ones are especially stand outs and very hard and very obvious. We women are supposed to learn every lump in our breasts so that we will know a new one when it arrives. A tall order. Since you're going to the doctor so soon, don't worry about it. Not much can happen in that amount of time.

  • My stressor is heart disease.

  • Mine changes all the time, I really convince myself I have something though it's horrible

  • Same, I was skeptic to believe the doctors who sent me away saying I was healthy. Its hard to believe I feel such physical symptoms over something thats "all in my head." I started thinking if it isn't my heart, it's my lungs &sometimes im positive, when I close my eyes I wont wake back up. I've had multiple doctors tell me im fine .. just cant shake it. So I feel yu

  • Me too! It's strange that you get the pains and aches with anxiety! Can't seem to shake it, so annoying!!

  • Mine rotate from Lupus, MS, ALS and Brain cancer. However I'm I a point in my recovery that I'm almost certain it's somatic anxiety.

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