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Lopsided Stomach

Hi, me again

I've recently noticed that my stomach looks lopsided on the left hand side, I cant feel any lumps and nothing sticks out, just looks like that side (Left) is slightly bigger?

is this a sign of something sinister?

I've already had doctors feel my stomach about 6/8 times and all felt nothing

But surely my stomach/Tummy area should be the same not lopsided , almost like im twisting my body to the left

im very worried and stressing and anxiety is kicking in!!

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It's the sort of thing that I'll start on. Health anxiety really messes up your head for sure.

I was agonising over the fact that my two thumb nails are different shapes last week.

I'm sure you're fine.


Its just anxiety hunny,maybe its wind as that will change the shape of your tummy for sure ,and


Its been like it for ages, maybe months (could be years) but now its playing on my mind

I was told I had IBS last Oct but keep thinking its something worse


Its more or less what I said hunny,wind constipation,irritable bowel syndrome will cause it.Try and relax sweetie and think of other things.Take care Laura xx


be cool and stop thinking about it,its not your doctor.stay positive,be strong.God Bless.


If you really study your body you'll find that few things are symmetrical. For example, I have one nostril slightly larger then the other and one side of my lip is higher then the other side. One breast is larger than the other etc, etc...................this isn't freaky, it's absolutely normal.

We're made from flesh and blood in our mother's womb, not cut to a precise shape by machine, so everything is slightly (or in some cases VERY) uneven. The organs in one side of your tummy are quite different to those on the other side, so imagine wrapping them in a wouldn't be even would it ?

As others have said, this is part of your anxiety state ; nothing sinister. Stop studying your anatomy and maybe ask your GP for an antidepressant which targets phobic thoughts.

Best wishes x

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Have you had any children? My belly button points to the right now after having my son, he primarily stayed to the left so that side is full of stretch marks and hangs a bit more while my belly button is still in no-man's land off on the right side two years later.

Fat in our bodies deposits differently as we age as well, definitely not evenly.


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