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Im also scared

Teally I'm need of some support I didn't sleep a wink last nite , it was my sleeping tablet free night I really try but sleep never came , as I was drifting off I woke suddenly with the feeling of passing out , I remember a fellow friend , pink who said also had this experience , my sister told me today she thinks I have anxiety disorder , I'm coming to terms I'm so lost , want to do all the simple things I used to do :-( I'm determined to get through this any ideas welcome.

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Hi binky :-) yes pink said she had this issue and think you will find a lot of ya do, it's the time of day when we can't be distracted and are left with our thoughts...our bodies sense more at that time as there is nothing else to concentrate on. I'd suggest reading before bed or listening to some music and trying to drift off that way. Hope you sleep better tonight


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