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Advice needed plz


Ok so its been nearly 10 months since my IBS?? started along with my Health Anxiety.

All was goin ok from Feb to Mid June, then stomach issues kicked in again.

1st Feeling like I have trapped wind, mainly at night but sometimes during the Day, then stating to do BM a few more times a day.

I can feel the Anxiety slowly coming back and find myself (Sorry for this part) Checking my BM

1 day I saw Black bits in it, next day red bits and full on panic has set in!!

im back to thinking its Bowel Cancer.

Im not getting Blood in BM (that I can see)

Im defo not losing weight

Im not getting bad or even mid cramps or pains in stomach area

and my symptoms all but went for 6 months, Doc's still saying its IBS.

Surely after 10months, if it was Cancer I would be x10 worse than before, not ok for 6 months then this?

Why won't my mind agree with what Im writing now?

I don't want to go nuts again with worry and no worrying will only make my stomach issue worse

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The BM checking is part of health anxiety and I do it too. Every day is different depending on what you've eaten and to some extent drunk. I worry over it too - too light a colour, too dark, float, sink, strange bits in it.........on and on. Dr Google will tell you 100 illnesses that you can divine from your BM!!!

If the doctor says IBS then I'm sure he's right.


Hi Mckean :-) I've read somewhere that Ibs and anxiety/stress are linked. I'm sure you would defo know by now if it was serious.


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