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Weakness al over

Hi everyone was just wondering does anyone else wake up every morning feeling heavy and weak this takes a few hoes to go or sometimes lasts all day I also have trouble eating when I feel like this the only thing that seems to hep is when I take a diazepam and I feel normal again been like this for 3 months now all bloods come back clear why do I feel like this I go to bed feeling normal but wake up in such a state

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Hi Mich..I had my first full blown aniexty attack three weeks ago and it's completely knocked me off my feet. I've had to be signed off woro as well I'm so weak n it feels like ive got the whole world pushing down on me like I could fall over any time. I've also been light headed n dizzy spells. Feeling sick..toilet trouble etc hot n cold sweats. Aching limbs. I've been to doctors three times had few blood tests and everything is normal. Im constantly thinking I'm really ill n dying which sets of a panic attack. I decided not to take meds n try and overcome it myself. Easier said then done. Good luck n stay strong and positive xx RiRi


Hi riroar I to had been signed off twice now each fir two weeks though didn't make me feel any better just been on a holiday which was a bit difficult I to will not take antidepressants which they keep trying to give me but a diazepam when needed is a life saver I also take propranolol which calms me when I wake up I have my first day back at work in the morning so will see how that goes really hope you feel better soon as this condition has hit me for six out of the blue


hi mich,i also suffer the same way as you do.sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night very anxious and i can't go back to sleep anymore.try to do some walking in the morning it helped me.hope you all the best,take care and stay strong.


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