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Severe job anxiety!

Hi guys,

I'm new here, and I guess I'm just in need of some support right now.

I've always had anxiety on and off throughout my teens and into adulthood (I'm 26), but it subsided for a couple of years - long enough for me to make my dream of travelling for 18 months a reality! I thought I was completely over it, but when I returned home about two months ago, it started again. I was unemployed, broke, sad to be done with my trip, and looking for work in travel sales with no real luck (it's a hard industry to break into with no experience).

I finally got offered a job with a company that is expanding and taking on about 10 new sales consultants, and although I've worked in sales in the past, I'm pretty much the only one who's never worked in this sector before (I was told by the recruitment lady). Training starts on Monday and it's quite intense - there's SO much to learn and I'm really panicking that I won't be as good as everyone else, that I won't be able to learn everything, that I'll screw a booking up and lose the company money.... I can't stop thinking about it. There is a basic wage, but it's pretty low as it's commission based, so the idea that I may not be making enough money if I'm not a natural at it is also stressing me out!

I always get so sick with nerves when starting a new job, to the point where I get so worked up in the mornings (it's always worse in the morning) that I spend 10-20 minutes gagging and dry heaving before I can even continue on with my day.

I also panic about getting along with everyone - it's an office of about 60 people. I once left a job three weeks in as I didn't feel like I was gelling with my colleagues and it made me really anxious about coming into work.. I can't let that happen again. I need to stick with this job if I wan't to get into this kind of career, which I do. I'm afraid I'll end up making excuses for myself down the line if it gets too tough.

The fact that I know I'm going to struggle the most with all the information (being the only one who hasn't done it before) is making it a lot worse.

Why is starting a job so damn nerve wracking!!

thanks for reading.. any similar stories or coping strategies are extremely welcome :)


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hi Jojo

It can be very nerve racking starting something new,but well done for sticking at it!

I don't know weather you have been to the doctors for a check up,if not ,its worth a visit just to give you piece of mind and to let your doctor how you feel.

I think what may help you is some Mindfulness. There are lots of sites on this subject such as Headspace and

When ever you are in a situation where you feel anxious,you can do a spot of mindfulness :}

I do this twice a day,first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Hope this helps xx


Thanks so much for your reply. I've never been to the doctors before, mainly because my anxiety is usually directly related to something specific, like starting something new, something I will be judged on, or changing routine.. but when I get it, I get it bad. It consumes me. So because it's not 'all the time', I suppose I never thought it justified a doctors visit. I have an appointment with a GP tomorrow due to an ear problem, maybe I'll bring it up.

Thanks for your suggestion, I'm going to look into that. I've never tried it before.. sounds like it could help with the mornings!


Hi jojo,

I can empathise with the terrible feelings of nausea & nervousness.

Have you tried taking extra Vitamin B supplement with your breakfast? It metabolises the energy from what you've eaten & makes you feel more alert & able to concentrate.You could try marmite on toast(yummy) or a 'Brewers yeast' tablet that contains all of the B vitamins.



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