Unable to move, talk or open y mouth when I woke up this morning

Hey guys! I hope you're all doing well, I want some little help concerning something that happened to me this morning, at around 8:30am , I woke up from a nightmare and felt completely unable to move or open my mouth, and my heart felt like it was skipping beats, it felt as though I was dying, it got me really terrified I even cried when I the numbness has gone, knowing it has happened to me once it's been 3 years or so, and I slept early last night, what could this be? I want to know if it is heart related because I frequently feel numbness and pain in my whole left arm and a constant fluttering in my chest along with a rapid heart rate. I went to my physician and had a cardiography test and some other analysis but the test was negative to any heart problem I might have. Please I would be very grateful if someone could give me a clear response.

Have a good day.


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  • One of the names this is commonly known by is called Dream Paralysis.... Its scary, I know, but its basically nothing to worry about... It does give you a pretty horrible feeling, we know that!

    From my own experience I can tell you this about your 'heart problem'... You would be amazed at what kinds of off beats, unsteady beats, rapid beats, feelings like its coming out of your chest.... all nothing but reaction and result of your anxiety. I'm glad that you had tests done...please trust they were 'correct.'

    Is there a possibility you could speak with a therapist/counselor... ??? This might really help you. They could 'draw things/fears out of you' that you would really benefit from releasing and then feel better all the way around. I would speak with my doctor once more about your concerns and then have him/her recommend someone you could speak with... Meditation....self hypnosis tapes/CDs to relieve anxiety are all good ideas, too. Best withes to you! :)

  • really thank you for your big help it's so satisfying, and yeah I'm 'battling' with anxiety since a couple of years, I overcame depression few years ago, so probably having meditation sessions is what I need, I tried some self-hypnosis for mind cleaning on YouTube, they were helpful at some point, I also tried binaural sounds to help regain my pace & rhythm through the day.

    I'll be grateful for that too. Thank you again and have best days.

  • Also you should further investigate on sleep paralysis and how to actually not get in these sleep states some people don't realize they get into it though I think I had it once and hasn't happened ever since but it scared the cap out of me during it

  • Yes you're right, most people don't pay attention to this state maybe because it doesn't occur in a high frequency, but it's a terrible experience, thank you so much for the help.

  • sleep paralysis? I had watch on a program where people's brain woke up.befire the rest of their body and they report being paralysed unable to move or speak.

  • Yes, it feels weird, like being jailed inside my body, like my body is nothing but a corpse/shell and I am a trapped "entity" inside of it. This is how it felt , like close to passing away.

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