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Any luck with prozac for anxiety??

Today is my 4th day with prozac combined with clonazepam for mayor anxiety...does prozac really work for you?? I need to know I been feeling anxious about it ..If is going to work or not and I do not want to be dependent of the clonazepam I'm anxiety level is to hight...chills hot flashes palpitations numbness in hands legs sometimes...tongue I have test done with my neurologist and everything seen yo be ok...Also hormonal test came back fine..blood work fine X rays fine...just want to know if prozac will work and I will be able to get out of clonazepam? ??? Please help if you have any experience with this medication and with high anxiety. ..thanks so much I would really appreciate your help

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Hi there I used Prozac for Depression/anxiety and I found it helped me.

Prozac is an antidepressant and they are not instant, they take about 2 weeks before

You notice a difference. They work for some, don't work for some people, it's

Really the luck of the draw. But you should begin to feel better in about 2 weeks

Approx. if not go back to your GP.



Thank you Hannah..I'm glad it's working for you and I have faith it will work for me too...thanks so much for your answer.


I'm dealing with the same thing! I'm trying to get off clonazepam as, im on 1mg for daily used as, needed I've been on it about month now! Idk if symptoms from the meds or the anxiety! i have heart paplatiion


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