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New to anxiety - feel the urge to consistently visit the ER


I'm 24 years old. Recently quit smoking due to my first anxiety attack.

I get these anxiety attacks every day - At least the doctors claim that it is anxiety. Sometimes twice a day. I try to stay away from the ativan because they say its addictive.

Just curious if my symptoms are common. I get crazy pains throughout my left side. Its been going on for 3 weeks. My hands go numb, my leg beneath the knee feels like its burning off, and the top of my foot is in constant pain.

I have trouble finding my breath, I'm constantly fatigued. Its odd though, because I feel tired, but I can never sleep. I'm restless. My left eye is twitching. Minor chest pains, more discomfort through my entire body.

Has this all happened to anyone?

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Yes....i have had them all through different ocassions....nope, you aint crazy or nothing like is your body responding to a " danger " signal sent from your brain to your entire body...

From your muscles getting tense and ready to fight or run, to your pupils dilating to see much better, to your heart racing due to the adrenaline, to a lightheaded sensation so your body gets ready to defend yourself.....except there is nothing to defend from......

The main thing is the fear that runs in your thoughts....its funny cause i smoke and remember crushing my pack of smokes and throwing them out the window aa i was rushing from walmart to the ER ( thought was having a heart attack...during those minutes managed to call my wife and she met me halfway).

Thank God i did not cause an accident for driving like that....the wohle nine yards, arms numb, hard to breath, tunnel vission, racing heart....

The key is.....take away the fear during that panic attack...let it be and it will can do it!

Blessings to you.


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