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Feeling Very Dizzy and shivery at work today

Just sitting at work and i felt dizzy fuzzy and shivery feeling but im not really shivering just feeling shivery, i dont know if its because its too hot or because the air cons are off or just my anxiety getting the better of me ive been fine all day yesterday and this morning all of a sudden, i also wonder if my body can react when you eat a certain food?

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Hey Angel:}

Nice to meet you:}

What your feeling is anxiety,there many different symptoms.

Have you heard of Mindfulness?

I personally use this method to help with my anxiety,it works wonders for me.

Checkout Headspace and both are very good.

When you get symptoms try this,

Except that its will not harm you.

Now find a quiet spot,shut your eyes and do some real big deep breathes.

Exhale slowly and relax your body.

Be Mindful, just say to yourself that you are ok,its just anxiety and its just passing through.

Try not to dwell on the symptom.

Anxiety feeds off fear.

I hope this helps,have a good day.



ahh thanks so much really appreciated :) i will try that hey


I feel the same IT'S NOT THE FOOD it's the anxiety we search so hard for answers but it's anxiety. I have the same as you described, made my self take so many tests and they found Nothing. I know you will be OK 1 day at a time keep telling yourself your fine and it's in your head


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