Different feeling on different days??

Hey all I seem to feel different symptoms on different days from what I think is anxiety. I will get nervous and feel worried most days but then other things like weak muscles , really sleepy. grumpy one day happyish another . Some days I get headaces a different day back and neck pain then chest pains sore feel tight when breathing another day. ohhhh over getting up with something different anyone else like this ?? Thanks


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  • Hi jogurn, I have felt this exact same way!! It's so awful I hate it.. I think cause I'm over thinking & I worry sooo much it happens to me a lot. I don't want to feel these certain ways anymore:( trying to figure out why this happens. Hope you're feeling better!

  • Hi yes I feel like that everyday now for 3 months I wake up every morning with weak arms and legs I then panick about it and it gets worse I don't think anyone can help me at my wits end how can you feel so ill everyday for so long with no reason I hope you feel better soon x

  • Ohhhh sorry to hear I am not the only one guys it's not nice hey I find when I stand up to my mind saying no I am fine it gets a little better so msybe try that all the best guys

  • Same here, do you have fibro? I am scared to voice how I feel, I seem to be treated as a fool!

  • Hi

    Have you seen the community on Health Unlocked called Fibro Action

    It is a very friendly & supportive site for people suffering with Fibro or that think they may be showing symptoms, you may want to check it out as we can be a member on more than one site on HU

    No one will treat you like a fool on here or any other site on HU & you can voice how you feel & be listened to & understood :-)

    Take Care




  • I am unsure if I have that I should look into it. Tell us how you feel that's why we are here fergiepal

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