Hi everyone, just wondering people's experience with setraline. I started taking it almost 9 weeks ago increased 25mg every two weeks up to

100mg which will be three weeks on that in 3 days. I believe it has made me much worse but I am not sure because I have constantly been dealing with side effects. The derealization I get from it has increased my anxiety and I am much more depressed. I never feel right and have become very withdrawn. Has anyone had a weird experience where they stuck it out and things got better or they went off of it and things improved? It has been a hell of a ride on this and I want to wait it out but I am suffering very much. Thank you

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  • Hi I too have been on this for 8 month now some days I feel fine but I too still have side effects hot flushes nausea I dont really know what to think it also causes me heartburn and acid hang in there because every tablet has side effects some worse than others give it a chance

  • Hi,

    I have been on Sertraline for a long time 150mg and haven't experienced any side effects.xx

  • I did feel out of it, spaced out when I was on them. I came off them, did feel a bit down afterwards but I'm so much more rational now. I'm thinking more clearly, and therefore making better decisions about what will help with my mental wellbeing.

  • Thanks guys. I feel so not right. I sure hope this passes.

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