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Getting through it !

So lats week I had a panic attack first time in about 2 years and this morning had another one... I think it due to a few things going on with my little one getting ready for big school and had to have a meeting today with school and play school as had a few issues to talk about and make sure everyone knows for wen she starts...pluss the fact of knowing she is soon going to b at school full time and with me !!! R get use to it but its all change coming up and im not a fan... lol...hope everyone else is ok x

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Hi Stacey,it seems that there will be some changes in your life.Every change is something that we don`t know and living on this idea of what could be expected from us is linked to anxiety of anticipation. We think that we can control everything around us and making everything in some ways predictable, but when is something new then we feel uneasy at times.Maybe leaving things to flow as they come could be an idea, but obviously is up to you and your emotions.Try to find the way to met other mums, have a chat with them or even with some people of the school`s staff for having an idea about the environment and people around...sometimes even having a short conversation might be helpful.Take care


Thankyou :) I already know the school as my boy is already there ! Just the fact of my little one going and routine changing but I will b fine just need to get use to it like I did befor ! :)x


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