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Does this sound like anxiety to anyone ??

I have been trying to chill myself out as I think I have anxiety but just can't seem to feel good. I have been worrying on and off for a few years but the last few mths I having worrying myself like crazy that I have all this stuff wrong with me I get over one thing and then worry about another pain somewhere on my body thinking it's something bad. I am so not myself. I looked up what I can do to help and it said some relaxing time was good so I Went for a hydro bath thing today and felt good at the time but after had to go to the shops and pick the kids up from school since the shops I feel crap sick weak shacky and just not with it is this anxiety do you think ? I am really snappy every noise kids flights a lot of things are making me grumpy anyone else like this I have sore neck and back and just want go lay in my bed I am not I usually like this I really don't feel like doing the things I love anymore like the gym don't even want to go to the shops work nothing really hating feeling like this

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Hello, sorry you're feeling this way.. I myself have been feeling the same exact way. It's horrible all I do is worry about how I'm feeling if it's a pain in my neck or my chest I freak out & think I'm gonna die & have a heart attack or something bad is going to happen. I've been really shaky for a wk now. Have an appt with my dr. tomorrow hoping I get some answers. Hope you feel better. Take care!


Are you my twinsie?? :)

Hi jogurn,

Sorry your feeling like this and it does sound like anxiety and depression.


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