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I wanted to post about the fear of meds. I know so many of the other members post about the fear of taking pills to help with the daily anxiety. And there are some who worry about the addictive side to some of the medication. I take Paxil everyday (20mg). And because i was having a really bad time with my anxiety and depression in the mornings my GP gave me Xanax. Now the Xanax is a quick fix type of pill that I was to take when things got bad. So I started to take it everyday with my Paxil. But after a while I began to feel a little "drugged out" and I realized that I was over medicating. So after about a month I stopped taking the Xanax completely about two weeks ago... after taking it for about 30 days. I had very little trouble coming off the Xanax. Maybe a day or two of feeling tired and non productive. Now I know these pills effect people in different ways. Just a word to the wise about things that have been said online about certain pills. Don't shy away from something that may help dramatically because of what you have heard or been told. Much Love steve

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Steve, when I went to see my neurosurgeon because I was suffering of migraine linked with aura, he said that was anxiety for the post traumatic event.Well, he suggested to take Xanax as well, but I took that just a couple of time and realizing that I was sleeping most of the time .Also it was like watching a movie in a slow motion and from that I knew it that I cannot deal with that, so I solved my issue by myself taking the courage to deal with the migraine because after a while it was rarely I have those sensations but if it is happens I keep going with my normal routine until it will be over .It`s not be phobic of taking medication, but I think medical practitioners have to be more cautious when prescribing them and considering the side effects as well

Thank you for this. People do need to educate themselves and see medication can help in our most difficult times. The stigma needs to be removed and some people only take them short term.

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