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hey everyone its been awhile but I've been feeling okay still get pains in my side and I don't really feel anxiety anymore but somedays I worry that I have a severe illness but I think its from ovethinking but I take it day by day, today I found out one of my friends mom has terminal cancer and it freaked me out for a bit and he is so happy just living life and I started wondering if I had it but then I snapped out of it and just ignored what I was feeling...I hope everyone is doing okay..


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  • Hey,

    Good to have you back!

    Sorry to hear your bad news.

    I still get pain in my side, been told its muscle tension by my doctor.

    Hope you have a good day xx

  • yeah I've been told the same and I try and not let it get the best of me when I have my reoccurring pains :P

  • Hi

    Nice to see you & your update :-)

    Sounds like you are taking more control over your HA & telling it to do one when it starts to remind you it is there , well done :-)

    How is the job going are you still working ?

    Hope your GF is keeping well to :-)




  • yeah its been better a lot better I just get my side pain every now and then, and yes I'm still working its been 2 months and counting I like it a lot its just physically demanding its construction,and yes she is good aswell :)

  • :-)


  • I hope to write a post like this very soon. U give me hope! I start my 1st session of cbt tomorrow for health anxiety I have it severe of getting cancer and it being terminal. Just overwhelms me. Nice to hear u have come out the other side I hope I can too x

  • your gonna be just fine its hard believe me I've been going through it for about 3 years almost come this july but you can do it just be positive and take it day by day and don't let it control your life,

  • It's so refreshing you read posts and realise you are not alone...i have suffered with health anxiety For over 30 yrs it's like a mill stone you have to carry round your neck, pulling you down, like that bird of doom on

    Your wonder what if you have this, or that? How will I cope? doom all the time, but that's when it's bad when you challenge these thoughts instead of letting them over whelm you and you think them through rationally you fell better about yourself, I still have very dark days but some sunny ones and a lot of in-between but understanding how your mind works is key... To much work and I work very hard as I a consultancy business and stress enhances my anxiety so I have to try and see when I've reached my limit, but working hard takes my mind off the anxiety and it's usually about the time I'm having the bad health thoughts, the expectancy that something is going to be wrong with me.. Or my mother,, or something bads going to happen to me because I don't deserve to be happy and things go right, when they do I'm waiting for the bad thing to happen. Hope this makes sense.. You are not alone their are a lot more of us who just wouldn't admit we suffer.. Hope things stay sunny for you.

  • I totally understand you constantly have theses thoughts of something horrible will happen and it won't get out of your head then you start too make it real, you just gotta take a step back and look at whats actually going on and realize everything is fine your gonna have those bad days and good days but don't let the and overtake the good ones you can beat this stay strong!!

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