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Anxiety over blood / catching viruses

Does anyone else have this problem? I've developed an anxiety over coming into contact with blood or catching viruses. Its mainly focused on the touching door handles, toilet door locks, soap dispenser button, mainly at my work place. Another anxiety I have is of having the sun in my eyes, again mainly at my work place. These anxieties are worst at my workplace, although I might have them (to a much lesser extent and only sometimes) when going out e.g. to the theatre, concert, opera, ballet or restaurant, or when going somewhere new. I never have these anxieties at home. I wonder maybe whether the underling cause is a feeling of not being in control in the workplace, with managers who want to micro-manage me and awkward customers. Anyone else have these anxieties?

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HI Anthony, I cannot say I have a anxiety over blood or viruses no x But to me is sounds as if you maybe have a touch of ocd there.?? You are aware that touching things can pass on viruses and such and so avoid it . I can imagine the sun in your eyes one is maybe something you dislike to the extent it has become a phobia x They are harmless enough to us but to a person who has ocd they become a way of life x Maybe they do not exist at home as you know that you cannot catch anything at home to make you ill x It can be to do with not being in control but it can also mean that its a habit that has gotten out of control x I would advise going to see your gp and asking if you could maybe go to some sort of therapy group where you could meet people similar and learn to control these feelings x Sorry I could,nt be more help x DOnver xx


Thanks. I think it is a phobia (of germs etc)


There is a specific type of ocd called germaphobia x Look it up it could be what you have x


Evening Anthony

I agree with Donver thing it sounds like OCD and when you are at home you feel safe a sort of control thing.

Have you spoken to anyone about by that I mean your G/P. There are many therapies out there for this sort of thing and a good starting point is your doctors.



I don't touch toilet door handles tap handles ect ,not because of germs but what I call bacteria,open doors I use my coat sleeves or use tissues which I then throw away,my two adult daughters don't do it either as I always warned them about it,I think it is a form of OCD.I also won't place my bag on a floor,just incase it gets bacteria on it


I have this issue too Lindalou, and will using coat sleaves or elbows to open doors etc. I have to make a real effort to open the door normally with my hand, especially at work. The problem is I think there is a semi-rational basis to this phobia, so it is hard to break these habits. What really gets to me is that I sometimes see dried blood on the toilet door locks etc in the washrooms at my workplace and there is often sticky stuff on the door handles around the work place!


Hi Anthony,

You're right, your fear/phobia has it's roots in reason, but it is when it interferes with our daily lives that it becomes a problem. I agree with pp, sounds like some OCD there. The good news is the sooner you get help the better the outcome, so please, make an appt with your gp to have a chat.

You might find this website helpful too



Why would there be dried blood on the handles?I would buy a very small(travel size) packet of antibacterial wipes,small enough to fit in my pocket.

I have dermatitis on my hands because of using strong antibacterial wipes on my hands when I was working,only last week I had to visit doctor because it was so bad,doctor has always agreed that is what caused it,I don't use them on my hands now,but the dermatitis still comes and goes.You must be like me and use every means possible not to touch.LOL.


There does often seem to be spots of dried or fresh blood in the washrooms at my workplace. I really don't know how it gets there, but I've seen it on toilet door locks and on soap dispensers. There are a mix of adults and teenagers who use them, and wonder if it is that due to the teenagers squeezing their spots....... (I have seen them doing this in front of the mirrors in the workplace washrooms! and dabbing at their spots with bits of tissue which they then leave lying around).

The other workplace phobias I've developed are about having to sit in meetings with the strong light from a projector in my eyes, and having to sit through colleagues' PowerPoint presentations with them waving one of those red laser pointers around - keep worrying it is going to go in my eyes.


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