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Bad day for me


Hiya to all

I suffer with anixtey and I've had some really good days but today is a bad day :( other bad days I have had I've focused on my health like most my bad days have been worried about the same thing I have head ache it's a brain tumour or something else life threatening I google a lot but the other day my chest felt like it was falling as I falling asleep since them I'm convinced a heart attack is next for me and today had dull ache in upper left arm I'm freaking out it's a heart attack I'm having thearpy for my anixety and depression on a 2 weekly basis nothing seems to be reassuring me it's nothing much much worse :(

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Anxiety feeds off fear, then we start to going round in this vicious circle that is never ending.

First off... Stay off google... Google is not your doctor and does not know you.Google just intensifies your anxiety.

Now look into mindfulness, there are lots of websites such as Headspace and

Try to practice this twice a day :)

Try and keep in the here and now, don't think about yesterday or what's ahead of you.

In time you will get use to stopping and learning to listen to your body:)

Good luck with your sessions:)

Thank you for your reply yeah I know I shouldn't google :/ been to doctors a lot about every little thing I don't know my triggers for my anixety has there could be a lot contributing to how I feel and like you said the vicious circle starts it's one thing or it's something else just something to worry about it seems I wouldn't wish how I feel on my worse enemy x

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