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Had a good few days but still a couple of symptoms that I think is my anxiety can anyone relate

Hi I havnt had the head rushes, racing heart or light headed spaced out feeling for around 5 days now but I get alot of pressure head aches mainly on my left temple and have an on off tight feeling on the left side of my chest aswell as an on of ache from the left back shoulder blade to the side of breast. I am on propanolol and citalopram. Has anyone rlse suffered with these symptoms thanks x

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HI jo x Glad to hear you have had a good few days x Always a bonus :) Anxiety has so many symptoms some very minor some really bad x Some days you find you have none others its one after another x I have often found that I have the racing heart and dizzy spells etc at the time of the month or some have even said that there anxiety is still based on a calender for that even thought they are past it if you know what i mean lol x I used to take propanolol and i had the odd ache and pain mainly what felt like deep rooted bone ache type pain x BUt I would say to go and speak to your gp as sometimes the side effects can be eased by changing dose etc x hope this helps a little Donver x


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