Flipping out!!

I don't get it. I have been okay for several days but earlier this afternoon it started. I have taken my pills and tried getting out of my head by listening to music but it won't stop. The impending doom feeling, the heavy breathing, the dizziness, ALL OF IT! I start CBT therapy on Saturday and I am praying this works. My doctor said on Tuesday that there was no possible chance of anything being wrong with me. I told her about everything and she said I am a healthy 32 year old woman so there is no reason I should have a heart attack, stroke, or anything but my brain just wont let me believe it. I am so tired of these attacks. I just want to escape or scream or something. Please help?!?!?! Also, does anyone thing that changes in atmospheric pressure might cause anxiety? It started storming earlier any maybe that triggered the panic and anxiety I just want any answers to an unanswered issue. Thank you all in advance.


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  • I was having this just over a week ago I hated the fact I had been feeling fine for a while and it came back for no reason. My councellor said yesterday to use the palm of my hands and to hit a pillow as hard as you can. Or scream as loud as you can from your tummy up to release the adrenaline. I am going to try these today. I hope your ok x

  • me 81 im sorry you going through so much it is horrible and ive experienced the same you can be good for awhile then it hits out of nowhere have you had your hormones checked they could be out of balance and that can cause anxiety too I am in perimenopause and have anxiety I never know what im going to feel so I take it day by day I promise you your anxiety and panic attacks will not harm you im here for you

  • The more you try to make it go away the bigger it will get. Listening to music, "trying" not to think about it is making it worse. The more you try to avoid and control it the worse it gets. There is nothing wrong with you it is anxiety and there does not have to be a reason for it. You will never figure out why it is here today so you have to stop trying. You have to learn to accept it and keep moving throughout your day. Ask yourself what you would do if you were not having anxiety and do it. Google and read about the acceptance method. You will still have bad days here and there but you can accept it and it will not last nearly as long. Good luck I don't wish this on my worst enemy but I live it too. God bless!

  • Thank you all for the kind words and advice!!

  • Yes I am afraid even with medication and therapy it is still down to use to do all the work in changing how we do things, how we think and react to anxiety. I do believe in black and white, you either have a bad day and do nothing about it or think what you want to be doing or something that will be a distraction , such as exercise

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