bad day yesterday any body else have this problem?

so yesterday i was driving and i turned on my road to go home went to out pass a car and i got dizzy and heart started racing.when i got home i got out of my car and my left arm from finger tips to shoulder was numb and heavy,pins and needels in my hand the numbness and heavy ness lasted about 15 minuts i took an ativan and it went away ,and to day my left top of my hand feels like rain drops falling on it and my left forearm and elbow feels tight and lame what the heck was that about ,it seems every time i do something that involves a adrenallin rush i get bad anxiety attacks any body else have this happen to them?


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  • and every once in a while i will see little white stars in my vission floatng around it last about 2 mins

  • Hi cody get pins neddles every day dizziness to my head feel heavy tingles eyes affected to one side my face woke up last nite side face was stuff pain still is today but think mine anixerty as had mri scan yesd on nose thoat ears I worry 24/7 sure nothing to worry overdo sound is anxiety .. not im doctor hun but I now how feel as making my self bad its awful thing deal with any one ... :(

  • it sucks thank u for letting me no today is really bad for me i woke up this morning and my short of breath is all gone,heart is not racing but i am very very dizzy and tired i can barley walk my vission is very bright or somthing,and my upper back is sore i hate this stuff and im sorry u feel this way too lets hope we both get better

  • I got this so few nights ago. Had to stop on the motorway. Police came and took me away in an ambulance! :( all to say it was a severe panic attack after 6 mg of diesipam. Was wheeled home. It's horrible at times x

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