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Does anyone have Borderline Personality Disorder(BPD) or Emotionally Unstable Disorder? If so what is your story and how do you cope with life and relationships as I think I might have this but I have not been diagnosed with it. I currently attend CBT Therapy for depression and anxiety which I have had for at least 4 and half years. My Therapy will be ending in July and I will be referred for more/different therapy with a more experienced Therapist. My main symptoms are angry outbursts, intense emotions, suicidal thoughts/images, feel very lonely inside even though I have a Son and Daughter and a long term partner of 22 years and low self esteem. :-(

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Hello Darkangel. I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I have suffered from depression and anxiety most of my life. I too have angry outbursts when people upset me or they cut me up on the road. I have a stable long term relationship. I have never felt abandonment. I am a very caring person to those I know but disillutioned with society due to it's cruelty of today. I am totally cut of from care in the community. I used to have a shrink before I moved, now have no help. I was diagnosed behind my back around 20 years ago and this label has followed me ever since. Quite a few GPs on reading my notes have turned nasty and had goes at me. And I must admit after being provoked I have lost my rag with a few of them. I am a very truthful person and don't take to GPs trying to make out I am not telling the truth. They will not give me therapy as they feel it will make me worse. They say that BPD goes as you get older, but in my case I am middle aged and not showing any signs of changing. Yes with this condition it is lonely as no one understands. I have low self esteem and lack confidence in my abilities. I did try to fit into society when I was younger but then had a breakdown and I deteriated over the years. I hope you can get some answers from a doctor.


I am so sorry that you are not receiving help for your BPD as it is very lonely I agree xx


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