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Feeling scared for no reason

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So I am new on this and not sure how this all works but I am so scared and tired of trying to explanmy self to everyone who looks at me like "man this girl always has something wrong " today I woke up feeling very shaky and scared for no reason. Any one else feel this way. I hate this feeling.

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Hi Anxiousme, You have walked into a safe zone. A comfortable place where you can express your fears without anyone wondering what is wrong with you. Any disorder that plays with our minds is a terrible thing. We can't think rationally about what we are going through. Since others can't see what we feel, they pull away, making us feel lonely and abandoned.

No longer will you feel alone Anxiousme. Come on the forum and join in with the hundreds of people who like yourself have gone or are going through the emotional pain of anxiety. There is hope, much hope in getting better. Takes some work on your part but it will all fall into place. Know that and believe that. Talk to you again soon. xxx

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What is the forum and how do I join that

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Health Unlocked/Anxiety Support is what I call the forum. Made up of men and women alike as well as from all different ages and countries. Anxiety doesn't discriminate, it hits doctors, lawyers, professionals, students, moms, grandmas etc. When our minds get so overwhelmed with life issues, it tends turn on the Adrenaline which gives us all the bodily symptoms. I believe you will find what you are looking for in support and understanding with this group. :)

I feel like this every day some worse than others, I know it's really hard to explain to people how your feeling especially if they gave never had anxiety. Have you always had anxiety or has it just started showing?

Sorry....I'm having computer problems today. I did respond but it didn't go through.

At one time they use to call anxiety, Type A Personality. I knew from a young age that I was a Type A. I thought I was just an 'excitable' kid at that time. As life events took place the anxiety showed through with physical symptoms. I then knew I was anxious...

I got it about 5 years ago after my daughter and never went away after

I'm sorry that you have dealt with it for so long I had this started about 5 years ago after I had my last kid and has eased up a lot but not gone away

What are some of the physical symom's you go thrush if you don't mind me asking

I have had it for 6 yrs since I had my last child it started as just butterflies figured stress of having 3 kids maybe just overwhelmed. Then it started to be sick to my stomach when I had to deal with social things but it usually went away after I was there. Then it got to the point of fainting or throwing up or even having flue like symptoms until I started making excuses to not attend and it's just gotten worse... I live in a small town where I grew up and I can't hardly get myself to leave my house to go to the store.. I seriously think it's due to my mirena iud..

Mine sounds like your after I had my daughter I felt it in my stomach and then I was like maybe I just need some rest I did just have a baby and then when I woke up I life changed I stopped eating and and laying in bed so much till my muscles siezed and ended up in a wheel chair for about 5month then I finally saw a doctor who told me what this was and started to look into it and started to see a all natural doctor too cause I was so afraid of everything like driving g being alone and shut doors and doctors and blood work public places even eating I thought I would have a reaction to everything.it got bad and then came the physical stuff and now that's where I am at bUT healthier cause I'm not in a wheel chair and Im eating and gained weight just got the physical symptoms now and I had that I'd too for couple years then had it removed

Hi Wyominganxiety

Have you had that fitted long, I think that's what I had fitted years ago, is it a hormone coil? If so that sent me crazy, As soon as I got it taken out. I was fine within 2 days.

It's the plastic t looking device bit yes pretty much the same thing I have had it for 6 yrs hope I go back to normal in a couple days after removal that would be amazing

Hi Wyominganxiety

I had it fitted, because I was so heavy ( bleeding) For only 6 months though. I had to get it taken out. It didn't help with the issue anyway. All my daughters are grown now, and where making comments about my whole shift in Personality; I couldn't sleep, I was nervous. Agitated, aggressive, tearful. It also made me quite paranoid. My doctor convinced me to stick with it for six months, but I knew it was that coil.

I wonder why we don't listen to our body's? I am trying to be more self aware, so I can live my life and not feel like a spectator in it. Becoming more self aware has made me realise and value my self worth. I hope this helped, you are not going crazy. 😄

I am truly hoping it's the cause and I haven't let it go for to long but to me it made perfect sense it was the only thing I had done different and all of the anxiety started 6 months after it was inserted.. after all we are putting something unnatural in our bodies why wouldn't some people have a reaction to it?! Just frustrating sometimes to try so hard to figure out how to fix ourselves and talk to the one person that should know what were trying to say and were shot down like were crazy.. blah

Hi Wyominganxiety

😄This is what I mean about being more self aware. We are the making of our own life. If something doesn't feel right, it's usually not. Our instincts are great, but we tend not to trust them half as much as I think we should. You haven't got long to go before you get it taken out, I think you might be quite surprised after.

I'm going the 19th to get mine removed hope it will be a start to feeling normal again and I'm going to see if they can get me on something for the anxiety

I well good for you to take it out I think it made a difference but long term it makes your period worst to me and I wish the best to you

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It use to happen to me!

Any trick or thing to help!

It should have been taken out a long time ago but everyone I tried to tell the doctor I thought it was causing my anxiety they told me no it can't be we have never heard of it causing any sort of anxiety. But the more I have researched the more I have found that yes it indeed does

Yes. I often feel scared and shaky from my overly anxious brain and sensitized nervous system. Have you seen a mental health professional?

Yes I have but I don't like going all the time cause it makes my anxiety worst

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HI Anxiousme. I understand exactly how you feel. I have been dealing with anxiety for many years. I finally was put on anxiety meds and seeing a psychiatrist. i was a little anxious about seeing a psychiatrist and I still have days when I'm sitting in his office and I start feeling anxiety or that wanting to flee feeling :( But it has really helped. I do have some off days. I can relate to the feeling scared for no reason and anxiousness. I have been reading on different ways to relax. I pray that you start to feel better soon :)

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