I've been having these weird thoughts I get anxious for every little reason. My moods change without warning and its like I can't keep friends if I have a friend now in no time I lost them and they always choose someone else over me I'm never in their first place. I have never work from I know my self and I am 28 now every time I think of working I always get set back by the thoughts I I think that I'm not good enough or they are going to laugh at me. I feel like I'm just going to be like this all my life so I just stop trying... Help me please!!!


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  • Hello, you are good enough and people will not laugh at you :) It's normal for us to think this. Especially when you start a new job or something like that.

    If you keep thinking that the rest of your life will be like this, then it will. You are only 28. You have so much to live for and achieve. You shouldn't let these thoughts win :) You'll be surprised how strong you actually are.

  • Thanks Reba but not even my guy Dont understand me or what I'm going through

  • Well this forum is filled with people who suffer with anxiety. You'll find a lot of people just like you :) This forum will help in the long run.

  • Well the only thing i can say about friends is this if they don't understand what your going through and they want to bounce out like some heartless fooz then for get them that just means they were never your friend in the first place.. i chose to not have friends because of that reason the only friendi have is my dude we understand each other he helps me through my anxiety and panic attacks he knows how to calm me dow.. like last night he had to spend the night at his parents house and i stayed home the whole time he was gone my anxiety kicked up really bad i had so many things running through my head ugh my anxiety kicked up because he wasn't here with me.. im fine now he is finly home and my anxiety went away.. i hate being alone with out him

  • Thanks alot but not even my dude Dont understand me. So I guess I'll just forget about there dumb ass and move on... I wish I had join this thing along time ago. Person as encouraging as u guy I need life. I remember one time my anxiety act up and he was there and the only thing he said was " stop behaving like that".. As if he knows what I'm going through. Thanks any ways jax 78

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