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Thought I was ok!


woke up this morning feeling good! I don't know what mindset changed but now I feel dreadful. My stomach hurts, my arm has pain, my heads swimming, and all my thoughts are of doom and gloom! I HATE HA!!!! I know I have court tomorrow for my divorce so that may be causing the anxiety. I just wish one day I could be normal. Without the meds, the anxiety, the fear, and without the way I've been feeling for so long.

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It could be the thought of court- that has tipped you.

There is a good website that I've been recommending called Headspace.

This will help you keep things calm. X

Happens to me too.

I get up all good then something negative or worrying just kicks off the HA and I spend the rest of the day worrying about some symptom or other.

Hello me81. Yes I agree with yummie your divorce date will set you off ...It is one of the most intense and stressful events in life... I know because I went through two myself... I would suggest taking a close friend with you if you can. Not knowing the circumstance of your situation but it can be very hard to go it alone... as courts are not like real life... Its all black and white with no room for compassion... Good luck... I wish you well steve

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