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I've woke up this morning my heart went to 130. I'm worried I have an underlying heart condition. It's slows down rapidly to don't know that that means. Resting it's in the 50s so it worrys me how it can just go bananas for no reason. Can anxiety cause this because my doctor is saying he's pretty confident theirs nothing electrically wrong with my heart and the horrible rushing sinking feeling I get in my chest is just anxiety. Dud anyone else have this problem. Health anxiety times a million about my heart. All my other symptoms have seemed to go away apart from this x

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  • I get it all the time too. Resting my heart rate is very low 60s, but with a rush of adrenaline (and you describe exactly how I feel when that happens), it can easily double or more. It lasts only a couple of minutes and then steadily returns to normal. It is also one of the last anxiety symptoms I have. If you have been anxious/stressed for a long time, it can wear out your adrenal glands causing irregular rushes of adrenaline/high cortisol levels. I have just started to take Relora supplements and they really seem to be helping with this issue.

  • What are relora? I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I will chatting to somone perfectly fine the boom it can just happen I feel like I'm havin a heart attack for a few seconds it's not nice is it lol. I think I should trust my doctor more and accept it for what it is. :) thanks you've just given me the moderation to get out of bed lol x

  • Relora is a herbal supplement made from the magnolia tree. It helps lower and regulate adrenaline and cortisol levels in the body and gives your adrenal glands a chance to recover to normal. I get mine from iHerb (, they are great with fast affordable shipping. I only take one tablet at dinner time as my adrenaline rushes nearly always strike in the middle of the night, if you get them all day, you might want to follow the instructions and take 1 3 times a day.

  • Thanks :)

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