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Is it ok to take this medication all together?


Hi. I was just wondering whether it is safe for me to be taking 200mg tegretol twice a day along with 200mg sertraline, 150mg thyroxine and occasionally 3.75-7.5mg zopiclone? As I am a little concerned of possible side effects, and trying to study at the moment is proving really difficult as my concentration Is awful. Any comments would be really appreciated :-)

Thank you

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Hi Jenzy

I am afraid none of us are medically trained to answer your question & even if someone was the HU guidelines do not permit anyone to give out medical advise such as this

Are you in the UK , you could call the NHS helpline they would be able to professionally answer you question or after the Bank Holiday you could ask your GP or even a pharmacist in the Chemist will be able to help

Nice to say hello to you & hope you get your answer :-)




Thanks whywhy :-). So sorry I didn't realise that I shouldn't have posted about meds. I will pop into the chemist on Tuesday and ask them if it is ok. Thank you so much for your quick response, means a lot.



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No its ok to post , you are fine , its just one of those questions we can't really answer but please keep posting most things we have a go at answering if we can , I mean if you are struggling with side effects we can share are own experiences & so on

Oh I am pleased you can get to the Chemist on Tuesday , I find them very good , I often as the pharmacist , has your own GP prescribed them all for you to take at the same time , because the only thing I could say if they have I would hope or presume they knew what they are doing

Let us know how you get on


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