Ive got a question?

Does anybody else always feel like your gonna die soon or feel like impending doom?I feel this quite often and its about to drive me insane. I have 2 wonderful children and I can't even enjoy them bc of this feeling and constant thought!please does anybody else feel like this?I have very bad health anxiety and depression, I really need someone to talk to.


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  • Yes!!! Oh my gosh so glad someone else feels this way. I have a 2 year old and get this feeling constantly. I can never kick the bad feeling. I have severe health anxiety with "phsycotic features" due to the face that when I'm scared of an illness k feel like when a radio commercial comes on about an illness it's hinting to me or something! It ruins my daily life feeling this way and I totally know the feeling!

  • I'm so glad I'm not the onlyone,iI'm always thinking that I have a brain tumour and it terrifies me,ive had 2 cat scans done and they both came back normal and I'm always in and out of the doctor,I have this constant feeling of head pressure on the right side of my head and its really freaking me out and I can't quit thinking about it,it starts as soon as I wake up and I can't seem to calm myself down,I'm gonna try to get an mri Thursday when I go to the neurologist and HOPEFULLY everything comes back normal,if it does then I think I could finally calm down a little bit. But I'm always thinking what if it dont come back normal?im always thinking so negative. Do u do that as well? This is really messing up my life.I just wish I could be normal again!do y'all think if something was wrong that it would show on the cat scan?

  • Oh my gosh you are gonna laugh! You and me are TWINS. I have been in and it of Doctor and emergency room this month for fear of the same thing! I keep getting head pressure me sometimes a headache and it scares the shot out of me. Had a CT scan in June but of course now I'm like well that was 6 months ago! But my psychiatrist tells me anxiety causes all of this. It's just hard to accept its anxiety and not fear that everyone's wrong and you will find out too late! I totally feel you. You just have to try and stay as rational as possible and that it's likely this fear is the loss of control and wanting to be there for our adorable babies.

  • Also constantly tying to get reassurment feeds the anxiety. So I've been working on accepting the doctors physical exams and what they think is necessary. Because every time you check a symptom or ask someone for reassurment your just feeding the vicious cycle! I do it too ha but I'm working on it. I actually asked for an MRI, they finally gave in then I changed my mind and canceled it and of course feeling like "oh my gosh what if I shouldn't have canceled it" but I'm really working on listening to the doctor and their neuro exams so that's why I canceled. NO MORE FEEDING INTO STUPID ANXIETY :)

  • Oh my gosh I hate when an illness is on tv or the radio it actually makes me angry as you can't get away from it. It really triggers my anxiety

  • This sounds exactly like me i have severe health anxiety and whenever a cancer advert comes on I always think its about me.

  • I also have 2 kids

  • hi,im exactly the same i have 6 children,i always think ive got cancer,or any bad illness really.It effects me daily.I dont go out much/socialize i basically do the school run/local shop and come back home.I have symptoms day in day out.Visit gp alot,or i feel like i need to ring an ambulance.It makes me so sad/scared,i want to be happy and able to do 'normal' things

  • In exactly the same everydaybi wake up thinking of doom and gloom. Im in such a mess that its messed my stomach up.

  • Your story is so much like mine.

  • Yes I feel like this I feel like my life is over and there is no point in looking forward to anything in the future, I also have 2 kids and wish I could feel normal to enjoy them more. Yesterday I felt I was going to die and that I should go to the hospital I took a beta blocker and Valium which brought me back to normal so I think it really is anxiety/panic I really struggle to accept that's what's wrong. Do you take any medication? If you haven't try a benzo type just to prove to yourself it's anxiety but try not to rely on them as they are addictive if taken long term.

  • Omg that's me I just wish it would go away, I can't even get into the Christmas spirit😞& I have an 11yr old daughter too. Today it's the fast heart beating , I always have the head pressure. Tired of going to the Dr too. I pray🙏We can all overcome this horrible feeling.

  • I do too, I know how you feel. do you have anxiety?

  • Same here I am on meds and think side effects at first make it worse. Mornings are bad for me o manage to get to sleep no prob but wake at 5.30. Feeling sick it's dark cold then the mind takes over... Evenings I am good and managed to eat. Your not alone

  • self belief and motivation is required at this stage, dont worry nothing bad as health wise has happened to u as u think, just recheck with doctor once that everything is ok. anxiety and depression do makes us think all negatives, just work on , excercise,running will help you lot

  • Have you gotten any better? If so, what did you do?? I have the same symptoms every single day. Along with all the other wonderful exciting anxiety symptoms, like Depersonalization and Derealization

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