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Whats wrong with me ? Is this a anxiety disorder or something else ? Advice / Help

For the past few days (4-5) i have been constantly feeling sick in the stomach, but never be sick, I get dizzy and small headaches, When i lay down i get chest pains which gives sharp tightness at times, I end up breathing weirdly for a few minutes then I'm okay again, I have tried resting and getting sleep during the day but i find it hard and sometimes i just get emotional for no reason and then cry? ;/ I have pains in my knees, right aide of my bum ad my back.. I looked online i just don't know what this is

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I cannot say for sure as I am not a medical doctor, but I have had all of those symptoms and have discussed with over 15 doctors and they have found nothing. My stomach gets upset at times and I lose my appetite. The past few weeks I have been dealing with chest pressure and breathing issues and had a CT of chest along with EKG and nothing was found. If you continue to have chest pressure/pain I would definitely go into your clinic for a quick EKG (they take a second) and will let you know if your heart is working OK just to be safe. Stress responses can cause an array of symptoms. A friend of mine was getting married and she constantly had pains throughout her body with numbness etc. Once she was married they all went away. Anxiety/depression also very much heighten pain so that can also be an explanation of the knee pain.

Hope you feel better and try to relax. The more stress that you have, the more your body will notice it at this heightened state.


I dont think i have any heart or breathing problems , Its just wen i get emotional over nothing my breathing goes fast and then back to normal and my chest hurts too, idk whats wrong but its really bugging me i hate being cuddled with the boyfriend happily then the next moment im emotional and in pain and feelig so sick for no reason but yeah i think i will call up to see a GP!

Thankyou for your help and advice!! Appreciate it so much!


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