Recently, I just got home from Las Vegas and the whole time I suffered I was not able to relax. worry worry worry. Body aches, skin crawling, back aches. You name it I had it to include dry mouth (not a good thing to have with all the buffets etc), couldn't eat. What the heck can I do. Please help. This is ruining my life. I don't even want to leave the house or do anything. I take Zoloft but not as prescribed because I don't want the addiction. I don't what to do )...:


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  • Hi there

    I m sorry you re not doing very well..Zoloft is a good product but you should take it as prescribed..In few months time when you feel better you will be able to come off it..You don t need to be on them for years and years

  • Your doctor will be able to tell you when it s time to stop it slowly ,don t worry.

  • Thank you train80, it's nice to get replies.

  • ;-) It s ok I can t sleep yet ;-)

  • Drugs are the fastest way to get better..but it s not the only way.

    You can have Zoloft and therapy,Zoloft and meditation,Zoloft and sport,Zoloft and group support..If you decide not to take them it s fine but recovery will be longer

  • I don't remember what it's like to rest. This whole experience is crazy. Try and get some rest and have good night and thanks.

  • Oh bless you...Hope you ll catch up with some sleep then ;-) Night night

  • Try learning mindfulness, because if you don't think you can't worry etc..If you say it's ruining your life try watching the following vid, & let me know what you think.."Eckhart Tolle anxiety and fear", it's on utube & is 17.05 mins long..Bear in mind that most people turn him off because he looks/sounds boring, so i wonder how desperate they really are..So give it a go you've nothing to lose, & one last thing to bear in mind as you watch it..You can't/won't get the gist of this over night, & it took me a few months..So you have to actually practice it to see how it works, it's no good at all to just repeatedly watch it..So it's: Mindfulness + emotions/feelings control practice.

  • Hi I may be looking at this from the wrong way but wow you got to Las Vegas. That in my book is amazing. I know anxiety ruins your life but I also think sometimes you just need to take a step back and look at what you have achieved.

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