Could use someone to chat with,and help me.I do not know anyone with anxiety so have noody to compare issues with..does it come in waves?

Why does it make you feel so sick,I don't go through this often only when I get too much stress on my plate from family been told I care and worry too much.Just so much want to go through a day where you don't feel so horrid.I have a special needs daughter so these feelng do not help.thank you for all who are taking the time to read this.


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  • Hi mouse & Welcome

    It can be really hard for friends & family to understand anxiety because it is something that unless you have experienced & felt how it feels to suffer you cannot see it

    But you have found somewhere now where you can talk & people will understand because we have all either suffered or are suffering with anxiety

    Have you been to see your GP & explained how you are feeling

    If you have a good GP they should offer you some support it could be either medication or if you don't feel that is something that you want to try ther is counselling which helps

    Do you have any support with taking care of your daughter ?

    Keep talking on here you will get lots of support :-)




  • Hello whywhy,thank you for taking the time to reply to me.I am not like this on aa regular basis so its really hard as I have always been a strong person but if I feel my family has come to mme all at once with their own issues for me too solve,I feel very overwhelmed and get panicky.My daughter is a wonderful soul who has taught people to cope better,but mom hides everything as to not cause her stress.stress harms her and family issues we also keep from her.If you read below my reply to another member you will see she is one tough cookie.These days will pass for me and I hope for many oers.Finding this really helped me tonight.thanks again and for taking the time to reply! Love val xo

  • Hi Mouse,sorry your feeling bad.Anxiety is awful,it has loads of different symptoms,but there's no need for you to feel alone.There are good days and bad,when the bad days come,try deep breathing to try and calm you down.The sick feeling will pass although it can last days,I can't eat when it happens to me.Hope you feel better soon. Love Anne xxx

  • Hello Anne, thank you so much for taking the time to the wave that comes is horrid.I had one tonight but after words I got smart and focused on my work.... a little while later I went wow i guess what I just had was what they call an anxiety attack.I am better now.I hope you find a way too smile,please have a good night.Love Val xoxo

  • Hi Mouse,hope the feelings you were having have gone now,or will go soon,the anxiety wave ( good way to describe it) is awful and overwhelming.Also you can feel alone and isolated.No need to feel like that on here,always someone to chat to,and to try and help.You sound a really strong person,with how you cope,so try and stay strong,for yourself and your daughter.Always willing to chat if you need to,as is everyone here.Love Anne xxxx

  • Hello Anne, thank you.what I really need people on here to understand is my special daughter is NOT the main reason for the overload.Its another daughter that just keeps giving constant pressure on me and disturbing the rest of us.Yesterday at one point was hell,today is better.It passed and today being my bday I am going to focus on my work that makes me ffeel better and needed.I hope you have agreat day and thanks so much for your time to reply.xo Val

  • Val,glad it's passed and hope you have a very happy birthday xxxx

  • Thank you...I sure am daughter gets scared when we have birthdays so we try to keep things low xoxo val

  • Hi Mouse x Welcome :) xx I think with anxiety its different from person to person, and how we adapt to live with it. You have come to the right place though to see it from different perspectives x I cannot say I have suffered myself with the sickness, although I can feel very stressed from my family. I tend to worry about anything and everything. From the weather that day to the stain on the carpet being persistent, You get my drift. I think sometimes once you have a good understanding on anxiety and how it can make you feel, you will find there are days that you just dont worry. I have 3 kids and the younger two have certain needs, one is post bone marrow transplant and has dispraxia and the other is type 1 diabetic x Its hard when you have to adapt to your children being ill, and it adds to the emotional stress we find ourselves under. There are days when you question what you did to deserve such things to happen to the kids like this, but then you adapt and realise that you are lucky to have such wonderful little people in your life xx Donver xx

  • Hello Donver22,my daughter was only born with use of her right hand.she never could sit up,never crawled not did she even stand.doctors all told us she will never eat food like us,she will never walk and many more things.I can't tell you how much guilt I felt for six months after she was born.she was the only one of a twin that made it at 3lbs 5oz.she was born at 29 weeks.she will now be 20 this month and she is the strongest person I have ever metthe first year was hard but then all of a sudden it hit me....I wanted to prove them wrong and give some hope to other families.yes it was heart wrenching but in time it all worked out.she walks talks eats just like myself.she did it proved them all wrong.then one day 5 years ago she chocked on ahamburger bun.when the ambluance came they kept pumping her full of a drug for epillepy sezieurs.thats when hell came to her.this happened again 6 months later until she went to Mac and they discovered she was suffering from physogeneric sezieurs from being so scared.she has now come so far and works very well with her stress.she is amazing.she is not my rreason for the family issue stress,it is another daughter.

  • Wow your daughter certainly is a fighter x My niece had cp with di-george syndrome and she to proved all the medics wrong by walking and talking x Its amazing what kids can do even with the most horrid of illnesses against them. Its awful when you feel guilt over them being this way, and no matter what we try to do that stays with us, but the way we see these kids grow and mature into amazing individuals eases the guilt x Im sorry about your other twin that alone must of been very hard. I can imagine there are many stresses out there and when we are worn down from fighting one another often crops up and knocks us for six x We are all here to talk to and help you in any way we can. xx Donver x

  • Hi Donver22,you are right these children can be tough cookies.Like I said,I do not get like this very often but it has been a big pile up of troubled family issues and I just ffeel it hhas taken a tole on me.I am not a person who gets sick with colds and flu symptoms so all these things I am feeling are very scary and the horrid thought of going in a hospital cause I am rreally sick and this is nnot anxiety makes me worse and hard to stop thinking about these terrible thought that just make me worse.many thanks for the reply,I will keep trying

  • Hello Mouse

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling this way. Anxiety truly is horrible, and what makes it worse is the fact that externally it carries no obvious signs. It also can be rather intimidating to approach anyone to talk about it as it is often so easily dismissed as something that can just be simply ignored. Though this is simply not true.

    Though with this community as I have found, there is no need to feel intimidated or alone most of us are in the same boat as each other and by posting we reach out to others who offer their own support and advice from a fellow sufferer which provides a great relief.

    As for the sickness I find deep breathing to be the most helpful and telling myself that it will pass.

    I honestly hope that you feel better soon x x x

  • Hello Vicsl201,thank you so much for the reply.I do not go thrpugh this on a regular basis just when I feel too much on my plate and become overwhelmed.My heart goes out to anyone that has to deal with this horror at all.I will try the deep breathing.thanks again,keep smiling xoxo

  • Wow,I can't tell you how nice it is to see new friends.thank you all from the bottom of my heart.I am just trying to understand that this is JUST anixety and I am really not dying from every horrible thing that my mind is telling I am.I was just fine until 5 years ago when my daughter was over dosed with a drug in 2 different hospitals six months apart.simple case of treating her for something she did not have.I have 3 dausghters and all are my greatest blessings.I do just ine and continue my work helping children around the world everyday but I find if there is just too much going on with family I seem to get over whelmed and bang.....this horrible nightmare comes back.I can't tell you how much I hate being like this.You all know it too well.thank you thank you for your time and replies xoxo love too all

  • should say I do just FINE not line. In the section above

  • Hey mouse,

    First of all, there's nothing wrong with you and a lot of us suffer in the same way. It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that I get anxiety, but now I realise it's just a feeling and that helps a little.

    For me I get a feeling of nausea, my stomach tightens, I feel dizzy and I often need to go straight to the toilet. I panic, basically, and bad thoughts run through my head like a train. I still get that when I find out something bad and my anxiety comes from a fear of authority and being in trouble for doing something wrong.

    I went to a couple of therapy sessions and they helped me just unload what was in my head. I can talk to my wife but speaking with a stranger is great as I could say everything - there were a couple of things I was too embarrassed to tell my wife. Maybe that's an option for you if you chat with your GP? I also started reading a couple of books and they helped too. Anxiety For Dummies is decent and worth a look. I know I'll never be cured but I might be able to manage it better.

    You're completely normal, you're experiencing something common and you'll soon be able to cope with it a lot better. See your GP, find someone to confide in and take it one step at a time.

  • Hello ultimateworrier

    Thanks so much for the reply.You sound like me.if I get anymore bad news I feel I will just fall down.I have been through a lot in 5 years but never been like this.I feel pressured by family members to just learn to say no but its hard for me.I go through the night being so scared and making myself sick thinking i am sick and dying.I am aalso terrified of hospitals so that just makes it is my 57 birthday and my wwonderful daughter is scared cause mom is another year older.I have her gp and I trust him.i hope you have aa good day today thank you for te reply.

  • Hey Mouse,

    And welcome, its sounds to me like you are doing a fantastic job so give yourself a big pat on the back. Also no wonder you feel anxious from time to time.......... Again I agree with other comments and maybe your gp can offer some support for you??

    Love ker xx

    ps,,, keep posting your thoughts , it will help as you are in a place where people understand!! x

  • My attacks feel like I'm having a heart attack it's really scary and sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach where I'm vomiting , my dr wanted to give me meds but I try to always do something natural if I can so now I just try and breathe it out and calm my mind it seems to help . I know it happens when I'm really stressed out so I just try to take my time now I don't rush around anymore for anyone . My attacks have seemed to lesson I have the odd one from time to time but they are not as bad as my first attack

  • Hi Lisa,yesterday was really bad and its hard to hide all this from my daughter.I find as scared or weak as I get if I just go out for a few minutes it really helps.I am going back tomorrow to see my take care and thanks for your time.

  • Hello everyone,thank you all for taking the time to send me a note.I am graeful for all the shoulders that have shown up.This is a great help for me.I hope you all had a better day and have found a way to laugh and smike.Love too all xoxoVal

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