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I was signed off work for 2 weeks with anxiety. But not feeling much better. I have good days but more bad days. Most days I struggle to get out of bed before 11 and even if I have things planned I cancel them because I don't want people to ask me how I am as I do not want t say and let people worry about me. Has anyone else been signed off work or any ideas on what to do to help me get out of the house? Thanks :)


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  • I have been on FMLA leave now for two months and will have to go back to work soon which I am dreading. I don't feel great either at this time. I do go out on walks and set little challenges for myself and when I can accomplish them it makes me feel better. I force myself to go out with family to stores just to get out of the house. I have not driven in 2 months, this will be my next challenge. You have to take one day at a time and sometimes writing down accomplishments helps.

  • Thank you so much for your reply!

  • Some days I just didn't get out of the house for some of the same reasons you mentioned.

    And now, I'm gone almost all day, walking my dog, running household errands, buying Christmas stocking stuffers now (there are some nexpensive items out there now as the seasons are changing. lol).

    So you are where I was.......and you can see where you can be in the future....where I am.

    OK? Don't give up and don't lose faith.

    How do you get out o the house? I guess literally, on foot after the other....even if it is just to go to the end of the block and back again the first few times.

    Take a shower before you go to bed, or a nice bath. Lay out your clothes you'll wear, including shoes the night before, and just get up and walk the next morning after getting dressed. If you lay out nice clothes that match/go together, brush your teeth and hair , the greater the chance you'll feel a little better because you look better. Let this be your "job" for the morning.

    I had some days in past that I did just exactly what I described above.....but I also had a service dog who needed to walk too, even though he could go out his doggy door to the yard.

    And, as much as I love my service dog, YOU ARE MORE IMPORTANT.

    You didn't mention what is causing your anxiety, or if you have sought some professional help. Please consider seeking professional help; you can't afford to lose your job in this economy. That was the other thing I did, I made certain had regular appointments with my neuropsychologist and took the "band-aid" medication he rx. When I say 'bandaid", we agreed that what I was taking was for extra temporary help to be able to get up and out a little at a time so I could go to work and keep the anxiety under control, care for my service dog and begin the process of learning why I had that severe anxiety and how to deal with it.

    I knew it was probably going to be a long time before I felt "good", but at least I could function to a certain degree.

    Please write to the people on this venue some more about yourself and about what you are doing to seek professional help. PLEASE.....:)

  • Thank you so much for your reply.

    So I tried counselling in October last year but did not get on with the counsellor so stopped. I have recently began with HealthyMinds (online CBT) which I am not sure if it is helping or not yet.. but continuing to do it. And my manager has referred me to our occupational health counselling which I have the first session next week.

    I am yet to know what triggers my anxiety and low mood - at the moment it is pretty much anything and can change from day to day.

    I have plans day to day with things to do to get out the house but when I get to it I find it hard to make myself.

  • Hi its normal to feel you can't do much at the moment your anxiety/nerves are so wound up they are making you feel crap.and don't worry about what triggers your anxiety.just think this IT WILL GET better and you will soon be feeling so much better.get Dr Claire weeks book self help for your nerves from Amazon paperback copy cost me under two pound and few pound postage best five pounds I've ever spent .....please read this book.it will change your life.

  • Thank you - I will look for that and let you know how it is :)

  • Don't worry about what "triggers" you anger....think too many people are being told to find the magic "triggers" to anxiety, to PTSD, to just not liking the ugly dog next door when everyone else says he's cute.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. (Freud) Sometimes anxiety is just anxiety and as it lessens, we begin to figure it out in due time.

    You're going to get better . Am so glad you have some resources to help you....so very glad. :)

  • Hi let me know how you get on with the book I promise you it will help you so much.

  • I have the audiobook by Dr Claire Weekes and its so true, she really,really helps. Her voice is so reassuring and she clearly explains what we're going through, why and how to recover.

  • Do you mind me asking where you purchased audio book from ?

  • I'm in Canada and got it online I think Indigo or you can get on Amazon probably

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