I have been so stressed with not being employed and having bills coming soon. I have been getting so worried that i get sick to my stomach. I have been getting sick to my stomach so often now. What im worried about is these aches and pains like that of a fever but without feeling hot or nauseas. If it happens right before im in bed trying to sleep ill feel this numbness throughout my whole body as if im about to slip away never to wake up again. Ive never had this feeling before and have only felt this within the last week. Could i have an infection? What should i do and should i go to a doctor. The only problem with the doctor thing is that of course i dont have health insurance and i have 0 money to pay for one. How should i go about getting my health checked out? I dont want to be un debt but i also dont want to die in my sleep. But of course i could be...over worrying about it. Please help!


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  • Hi, I understand no job and no money is very stressful, they do say you can't put a price on health!! Do you have any family who can help you? I'm from the uk but I gather you're not if you have to have health insurance? Is there a charity of any kind that can help people with limited funds to see a doctor?

  • I moved to a different state in the u.s so im a days worth of driving away from all my family. And i mean aaalll my family :( i moved because my fiance is going to college. The college was supposed to support us and get him a job related to what hes going there for but so far all he has seen if his friends in his classes all get jobs. Hes been trying so hard but so far nothing but heartbreak. Ive always been the sickly one of the family constantly at the doctor or the emergency room. Im not sure if there is a charity here for people like us but ill take a look and keep u updated if you want. One possibility ive seen is a miscarriage. I have a form of birth control that is a physical item placed in the uterus. So it could be possible that it failed and i got pregnant but the fetus died due to a foreign object being there or some other reason and my body wasnt able to pass the fetus and now its infecting my body. Buuuut thats just a possibility. And i cant know that until i go to a doctor. Im worried if i wait to long to get it checked out if it would permanently hurt me or kill me. Or i might just be over worrying about something that could be simple...but i dont want to take any chances. Oh i almost forgot, i have a high cholesterol disorder thingy that i had found out about before i moved and that my arteries were getting partial clotts. So maybe that could be it.

  • Has your boyfriend talked to someone at college regarding the promise of s job? Is it possible your family could lend you the money to see a doctor? You're in an awful situation I can see that but believe it or not things will get better for you x

  • Yes he has and they just gave him some leads so i plan on taking him to where they told him to go. The only thing is is that our van is almost out of gas and we have no money like i said, to the point where we are in debt. So im worried sick of How im supposed to get him to school or his job IF he gets one. I looked up some financial help stuff and found a homelessness prevention place right where we live that will help with rent or relocation. So im thankful i found that and hope that they can help us. As for my family...they wont help. But his family on the other hand will if they can. Hopefully they can send us some money by this weeks end. I dont know what ill do in the meantime but im going to keep trying. And i found something else wrong with my body that wasnt there before. I warn you its a little personal....but i found a lump on my breast that is painful to the touch. Im not too worried about it but if it gets worse :S. Idk. Im so stressed about everything that i feel like all i can do is sit and cry till exhaustion.

  • All though things are not how you'd like them too be its not all doom and gloom!! You've found a place that may help you now and you said your boyfriends family will help if they can. I myself have learned that taking control of a situation gives you so much strength and peace of mind in the end.we have to do it, it takes more energy and causes so much stress on our bodies sitting worrying about it!! Now you've got a lead with the homeless prevention place see if they can help to put you in contact with other people!! Someone you can talk to about your health. They're are so many good people out there who want to help if they can. I myself am off work due to an emergency operation. I don't get paid from my work. I get a small amount of sick pay from the government. This dosnt cover my bills, my partners working but being made redundant in October, I refuse to let it get to me as hard as it can be.stress is no good for my health condition as I've been diagnosed with Crohn's disease. I keep busy it's my way of dealing with it all.good luck to you both I hope you get something sorted out soon🙏🏻you can do it, have faith in yourself.

  • Thank you so much for your help! I needed to hear your words! You are right and i will do everything i can to stay positive. I will keep u updated on how things are going for a little while. Hopefully my fiance can get a job with a dealership and i can get a job with somewhere, anywhere.

  • I'm so pleased to hear you say that, if your searching for that one person that can change your life, take a look in the mirror!! Wise words and I wish you both all the luck in the world. Yes keep me posted, and when that voice starts telling you it's all bad!! Try and brush it off and do something positive😀 You've already started on your journey forwards 🙏🏻 take care x

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