Shouldn't really be feeling like this again

Today has been a really rough day, Had two anxiety attacks, one at college and the other at training. Has anyone got any ideas on how to deal with them when they happen. the only thing that works for me atm is to be away from everyone I no as its easier to calm myself down BUT it doesn't always work, afterwards I always feel sick. Can't keep doing this to myself


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  • Hi, I'm so sorry you're experiencing this it is so AWEFUL.. I'm trying to find out ways to make me overcome anxiety I've suffered from anxiety OCD and depression for about 5 years now. My anxiety recently got triggers by a family death and have had It for almost 2 wks. You should try yoga I bought a cd at target it does help it calms you down. I know it's hard when you're at school fresh air sometimes works for me or taking a walk. Hope you feel better take care!

  • Thank you Terri28 for the advice and I will speak to the instructors at the gym on Monday to see if it possible for me to do yoga, I also have triggers for my depression and anxiety, I no my depression triggers but not my anxiety ones

  • This may sound weird but also try drinking water when you feel this way.. Hope you feel better:) take care!

  • My trainer said the same thing as well as she asked if I was OK when I got the gym after college and she also said 'if you need to, you can take a break and just have a rest' as she suffers with Anxiety as well n thanks

  • Hi,

    Sorry you are going through a bad time. I am glad help from a your gym instructor they do say exercise is the best thing for anxiety/depression, is this for your career. Do see if you can have a yoga session it always helps me.

    You say you know the triggers for depression and not anxiety? I found that my anxiety goes high, which can eventually bring on depression. Sometimes we don't always know our triggers do we? I push myself to do something I am not comfortable with, feel fine at the time, but sometimes suffer later, I know that is the adrenaline that hasn't been used up so I then exercise more.xx

  • Sorry to hear you are struggling. Try breathing techniques, and just counting in your head can help too. My sister is a yoga teacher, and swear by it, and I would agree it is good, as helps you to focus your mind and breathe properly etc. I am the same as the above poster, I only get depression if my anxiety is not controlled. The two are linked. I recently moved and that was hard, and still lots to sort out. You just have to listen to your body, and relax or at least slow down when you need to.

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