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Is it anxiety that makes us like this?

Since I've had anxiety, I'm far more concerned about death in general, happening to anyone, illnesses, etc. just all the negatives in life and I cant focus on anything positive and in any situation negative thoughts arise its horrible way of living! Icant remember if I've always been like it or its my anxiety or if everyone doe and its natural? Any advice?xx

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Hi PinkCookie!

I can't speak for every anxiety sufferer but it does happen to me.

When I go through high anxiety that lasts a few days I tend to worry about everyone, especially my babies.

About the world. ( during these times I have end of the world dreams :( )

Maybe you did worry before but not to an extreme.




Hi Yaz, thankyou for reply I'm the same it's winding me up so much now :/cx


I agree with alwaysafraidyaz, I go through the same thing as well. You are way to young to be thinking of negative thoughts (sorry, death is a touchy subject for me) and I suppose you are right, sometimes anxiety can make us have negative thoughts. if you wanna talk privately, you are welcome to message me.

TheEssexPrincess1994 xx


Hi now how feelin anxiety affects ne 24/7 makes head tight tingle .makes want pull hair out mess cwith your mind to only had short time but in that time had two bad attack s where starts pins neddles arms legs tgen gets woese I freeze hands curl up cabt move had one last week thought I was dieing . Just wonderin any one else had this happen pls ...... numb


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