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Ugh, I thought I'd beaten this!

At the end of December I was rushed to hospital with what they thought at the time was possible heart troubles, but turned out to be a massive panic attack (although as part of the investigations they did discover I have 40% soft plaque in one of my arteries, but I digress!). Through CBT it was eventually discovered I was suffering PTSD from a road rage attack. Just identifying that was a huge move into recovery for me from panic & anxiety attacks. I have been having insomnia problems for a few months (with horrible 3am adrenaline rushes that seem to be hormone related), but in the main the anxiety & panic have pretty much gone away, until a couple of days ago!

Now I seem to be feeling anxious most of the time again, and I really don't know why! I can't identify what may have triggered this again. The only thing I can think is that I have a wedding consultation to do tomorrow, and I haven't done one for some time (and always hated doing them when I did). My doctor is of no help, she just keeps wanting to give me antidepressants.I don't want to take them as I am afraid of the side effects, particularly weight gain.

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That's the nature of anxiety I'm afraid.

I'm sure most members here, me included, have thought 'great it's gone' only to have it drop back on you out of the blue like a thick black cloak. Quite often I have no idea why it's come back, but occasionally when I think back I can see the build-up although at the time I hadn't noticed.


Trouble is, not knowing the cause, I don't know how to remedy this. I certainly don't want to end up back where I was in December. Maybe it's sensible to go back to the therapist? I did start the C25K programme a few days ago, and I wonder if my anxiety is related to that (afraid I'll drop dead of a heart attack while doing it)? Should I stop and just go back to brisk walking - I was doing that for weeks with no problems, but didn't feel it was making my heart fitter?


Hello. Sometimes we just have to let the feeling come and go . Have you tried meditation? The whole mindfulness thing has really helped me. Also staying active, going on walks, yoga, etc seem to aid me when I begin to tense up. Sometimes we just need to find other ways to relapse that anxiety.


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