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What is making me feel anxiety this time?

From about November (last year) to January, I had periodic anxiety attacks that I figured out was because of my very poor grades at the time in school and fear for my future (I'm 22). That following quarter (Jan-April) I got my act together, started doing better in school and made the Dean's list. Things were amazing for a couple months. Today (April 29) I just had a successful interview aligning me for an internship starting this Summer and am very proud of myself, however as of about a week ago feeling new feelings of anxiety. I have yet to discover why I am feeling this way and I need help. I do not want the anxiety to progress. If I fall behind again then all the progress I've made the past couple months will mean nothing. Please help..

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Hi Rousem

Firstly congratulations on all that you have achieved. You should be so proud of yourself.

You say, your anxiety, started because, you thought, you had poor grades. But we can become anxious for numerous reasons, even to be extremely happy, can bring on high and lows.

Have you been to your G.P.? Can you access any Counselling ? Do you have any close family to talk to?

I recommend Mindfulness, and deep relaxing breaths.

You seem to have managed your first attack, and I am sure with some positive thinking you will manage this one. Try to take each day as it comes, easier said than done, concentrate on the now, instead of your up internship in the Summer.

I hope I have been of some help.

Eunice xx


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