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Do you like horror films/books?

I was just wondering since when I was younger and a lot more anxious, I used to avoid most horror media like the plague, but once I got much older, I began to challenge myself to try and, well, enjoy the anxiety that comes from experiencing that sort of genre. In turn, I think it has helped me cope with anxiety better.

What do you do or think of this? Do you enjoy or loathe? Prefer to fear it or challenge yourself?

Thanks in advance for your responses. :)

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Sounds to me like you feel newly liberated. How long were you ill?


They dont bother me now, although when I was a teenager I didnt like them at all.

I must say now I think there a bit silly, I much prefer a good story.




I love a good scare of a movie, I think it uses up some of my unwanted anxiety. X


I love sci-fi and horror books and films. Always have done so since I was a kid - and that's some years ago now!


Iv`e always loved a good ghost or horror story since I was 11 years old. I can remmeber my mother taking my on a rip to the tower of London whe i was that age, & telling me the story of Anne Boleyn & all the other unfortunate people who were beheaded by Henry V111. The idea of all those ghost walking about carrying their heads under their arms was creepy, but fascinating. I would have loved the oppertunity to spend a night in the tower just to see if it was as creepy as people said.


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