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Better Today


Hi my dear friends I think I know why I have been so jumpy the past few mornings.. On Saturday night I took two anti inflammatory pills for my Bursitis... and I have been told they may have been a bad mix with my ad`s. As they both tend to relax the muscles. This is good news and bad.... As my shoulder is getting worse.... Part of it is I am back riding again having my arms on the handlebars for a length of time makes things worse... But at least I am not all nervous and jumpy today ...I guess the anti inflams have worked out of my system. What a relief as I was starting to worry about withdrawal symptoms from the Xanax ( my quick fix pill). But as my shoulder is now hurting quite a bit I may have to look into some physio therapy instead of the pills.. sending you all much love on this Tuesday.. bless you all steve

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Hey steve.

I use heat treatment to sooth inflammation in my knees and ankles.

Look up

Its a kind of bean bag that you heat up in the micro wave then place over the affected area .

They are usually scented with something like lavender which is soothing.

Don't know if you could get them in Canada?,,,,but you may find you could buy from the web site ive provided

pete ..

shadow45 in reply to bepete

Hi Pete... yes I do have some ointment and I used it today... I also have a heating pad so I'll be using that as well... I have seen the bean bag thing I just need to be more proactive when I comes to my shoulder problems Thanks for the good advice How are things with you....steve

bepete in reply to shadow45

Oh ya know

Im doing fine today.

Had my pre operation assessment yesterday, and everythings still intact , including the things that are screwed down.

The docs reckon if I got run over and flattened, I will be worth more in scrap than life insurance !.

So they want the titanium back !

Operation is set for 15th may , and I get an overnight stay with lovely national health service, hospital food ,,,,oh grrrrreat !

Cant wait !!.


Once all this is over I could just go for a good long holiday !.Do you get discount at that resort of yours ?.


Hi Steve

You could try an anti inflammatory gel on the area. I use voltarol.

Maybe you could check with your doc about taking the Xanax. I have been told I can take mine when needed.


shadow45 in reply to Hidden

I do use my xanax when I feel the need... Im on such a low dose .05 that any worries about withdrawal should be minimal.... I do have a very high success rate for most drugs which I guess is good ...steve

Hey Steve:)

I too suffer with my shoulder ( dogs pulling on their leads).

I try not to go down the route of painkillers if I can help it. I use a T.E.N.S machine which seems to help also cold and heat pads.

Hope you have a pleasent day:) xx


Hi Steve.

Good to hear you got some of the problems sorted.As Angel says you could try an anti inflamatory gel,as it is localised it should be better,or heat treatment.I hope you get it sorted soon.



Hi Steve,

Glad you have worked out why you were feeling jumpy.

I have arthritis in the neck and shoulders, and I use the heat bag, I also have a T.E.N.S machine, which works for me.

Eunice xx

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